Kimberley Ann Johnson, nutritionist and bestseller author of The Fourth Trimester reveals a list of things that will be beneficial for pregnant women to eat. In a science backed approach, Johnson says that women should rather follow their cravings than a strict list of food items.

Johnson told MyDomain journal, “After being a 20 years vegetarian eater, my pregnancy made me crave for hamburgers and chicken rottiserie. I didn’t stop myself at all and went ahead with it.

The period made her realize a lot about her post natal problems that happened because of low protein and mineral intake. She understood the many benefits of women having a wholesome approach to pregnancy diet rather than focusing on something particular.

She also suggests a good dose of healthy fat to ensure that the baby inside has plenty of building blocks. “Anything around half a stick of almond butter would be great for the baby,” she adds.

However, there are controversial items as well that some suggest for and others, against. Raw milk is an excellent example of the above. Nutrition information giant, Weston Price Foundation recommends a quarter of raw milk; the American Academy of Pediatrics however, is at loggerheads with such a view.

The primary reason behind this controversy is that unpasteurized milk is often high on bacterial content that might adversely affect the mother and her baby. This is also why many experts do not recommend raw eggs during pregnancy.

Johnson further recommends pregnant mothers to cut back on coffee, soft drink and soda, and sushi (potential parasite host). However, she sticks to her basic doctrine that is going by your instincts even with these items. She adds that once in a while,  soda, coffee or some white flour won’t hurt, although it’s best to stay away from raw foods.

In the end, Johnson suggests that it is very important for pregnant women to ensure their metabolism of folic acid.

“In case the mother has MTHFR mutation, she will need methylated vitamins and folates rather than in its acid form. Keeping an eye for collagen dense food and a wholesome diet plan works the best,” she said.

On that note, pregnant mothers should keep her tips in mind and let motherhood be in charge of their choices.