With all the hormonal changes happening in your body, you might also feel a change in your libido during pregnancy. While some women might not think of sex with all the morning sickness, nausea, anemia and other symptoms, others might actually feel turned on

According to research and analysis, women often experience a heightened perkiness suddenly at the end of their 1st trimester. The urge may occur during the start of your 2nd trimester and continue to remain till its end.

As women enter the 2nd phase of their gestation, the nauseous feeling significantly reduces. They experience a heightened breast sensitivity, increased lubrications and blood flow to genitals.

Gynecologists say, “This is the last phase in their gestation after which pregnant women enter the phase of exhaustion and discomfort. Their energy upsurges here.” During this period, sexual desire or being turned on in a woman elevates.

However, it’s a case with a small percentage of women in their gestational phase, says International Journal of Reproductive Fertility and Sexual Health.

Most might experience exactly the opposite. Their sexual appetite usually fluctuates and they are quite moody. But such a low sex drive is normal and nothing to worry about.

As Healthline says, “During gestation, a woman’s sexual desire is more like an avocado. At times, it’s extremely green for using, suddenly it becomes perfect and the next moment, it’s a worse idea for the time being.”

Talking of those who are lucky to get their legs shaved and put on the lotion, they must consult with their doctors before engaging in sexual intimacy. A healthy couple can always have sex during pregnancy, but safety relies on an individual’s conditions.

Doctors warn having sex in certain cases including the history of cervical weakness, vaginal infection, bleeding in early pregnancy, placenta praevia, etc. Also, if a woman gets into the labor, it’s unsafe to have sex.

As experts suggest, have sex but be safe!