A common myth that often circulates around the ‘new mother’ circles is that one can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding a baby. In fact, there is a condition called lactation amenorrhea which causes postnatal menstrual disruptions during the breast feeding phase.

This often leads people to think that they might have become pregnant even when it is impossible. However, Jennifer Wider, a reputed MD clarifies that the condition is a result of prolactin secretion and estrogen suppression, a common condition in postnatal women.

Many doctors often advise new mothers to use the Lactation Amenorrhea Method of contraception. This process entails heavy breastfeeding to reduce ovulation and estrogen secretion by increasing prolactin requirement of the body. However, this is no sure shot method.

Although, this doesn’t mean that getting pregnant is impossible during this phase. In fact one might notice certain signs if conception happens during breastfeeding. These signs include hormonal changes which cause breast tenderness, breast lumps, and reduction in milk production.

If breastfeeding frequency and volume decrease, mothers might ovulate and get pregnant if they have an active sex life. Often, mothers continue thinking that they are missing periods because of Lactation Amenorrhea and may notice the first signs of pregnancy on the six week mark.

Author of She-ology and reputed MD, Sherry A. Ross says, “Mothers may ovulate even before their periods. This is something most postnatal women don’t get and end up being pregnant.”

To keep postnatal mothers aware and on their toes, Women’s Health Magazine has issued some of the signs to help them in identifying if they have conceived again. Reporter Korin Miller enlists the first sign of postnatal breastfeeding pregnancy as experiencing fatigue. This is a familiar feeling in women who have been pregnant before and could very well be a sign for another.

It also mentions nauseous feeling, breast soreness, and frequent urination. If all the above conditions happen simultaneously, it might be a sign to welcome another new member soon.