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Early Feeding of Solid Foods to Infants May Lead to Health Risks

New mommies probably need to be a little more careful about feeding solid foods to their babies. A research by CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that introducing complementary foods to infants too early may put them at health risks. Experts recommend 6 months of age as the ideal time to begin weaning (shifting them from breast milk to complementary foods). These include baby food, cow’s milk, juice, puree or even water. However, a recent study conducted by a nationally represented group in the US revealed that majority of the infants feed on solid or liquid foods sooner than the recommended time. A nutritionist at CDC, Dr. Chloe Barrera said, “It is very important to introduce the [...]

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Weaning baby

Understanding the Basics of Weaning Your Baby... Whenever your baby stops nursing and he or she gets all his or her nutrition from sources other than breast milk, your baby is considered weaned. Weaning your baby is considered a natural part of the breastfeeding experience. If this is done gradually, this can be turned into a positive experience for both the mother and the baby. In an ideal setting, babies will nurse until they outgrow the need. This is known as natural or baby-led weaning. Since babies actually have different needs and develop at their own pace, mothers should not set an arbitrary time limit on how long they will nurse their babies. Abrupt Weaning and Why It Must [...]

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