Edema during Pregnancy – Why It Happens and What You Can Do to Relieve It? Your abdomen may not be the only thing that is swelling while you are pregnant. In fact, you will start to notice mild swelling on your feet or ankles. However, the amount of swelling can vary. Edema or swelling affects pregnant women who are about 22 weeks to 27 weeks pregnant and this symptom can stick around until the delivery of your baby. This symptom typically affects the lower extremities. However, edema can occasionally appear as swelling of the face or the hands. What Causes Edema during Pregnancy? There are several reasons why edema occurs during pregnancy. For instance, the main reason why pregnant [...]

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30 weeks pregnant

You are 30 weeks pregnant and your baby is growing in size... When you have things in tens, it is even easier to think that you are at a milestone at every ten. At 30 weeks pregnant your growing tummy is letting you know that baby is certainly putting on the weight. Everything about your baby’s development is coming together and making ready for life outside the uterus. Baby’s growth at 30 weeks pregnant At 30 weeks pregnant your baby is close to being 16 inches tall or about 39 centimeters. She has also grown in weight and you will find that she is putting on about half a pound per week.  She is now about 3 pounds in [...]