Heidi Montag updates about her new found love – Being a MOM!

Making the “Mother/Daughter Experiment” a huge hit, now Heidi Montag is on her way to gain the same success with her child. She is pregnant and all so excited about it! She is very active in social media and is simply overwhelmed to think about the new addition due in October. Unlike a typical conscious celeb, she is enjoying her mommy-weight and by all means, is sharing the word to the world. Check out https://www.ripematernity.com/us/shop-by/heidi-loves 20% discount code for all my followers is HeidiLOVES and is valid from Monday 17 July until Monday 24 July 2017. It entitles the user to 20% off any full price purchase, and delivery is free for orders over $150. A post shared by [...]