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Early Feeding of Solid Foods to Infants May Lead to Health Risks

New mommies probably need to be a little more careful about feeding solid foods to their babies. A research by CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that introducing complementary foods to infants too early may put them at health risks. Experts recommend 6 months of age as the ideal time to begin weaning (shifting them from breast milk to complementary foods). These include baby food, cow’s milk, juice, puree or even water. However, a recent study conducted by a nationally represented group in the US revealed that majority of the infants feed on solid or liquid foods sooner than the recommended time. A nutritionist at CDC, Dr. Chloe Barrera said, “It is very important to introduce the [...]

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Weaning foods

It is best to wait until your baby is six months to wean her on solid foods... Your baby is now six months old and showing signs that she is ready for more than breast milk. For one, her teeth are starting to pop out of her mouth and she is showing interest in what you are eating. This is an interesting time for you and baby as she gets familiar with different tastes and textures of food and you explore different ways to make her happy. Do not be disheartened if your baby is not enthused about food other than breast milk.  While some babies may readily show an appreciation for new food, some may take a while [...]

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Feeding baby

Know what foods will benefit your baby and which you have to avoid... During the first year of life, your baby’s diet will change a lot so you need to keep up with it and know when and what to feed him. You should always discuss the diet adjustments that your baby will need with your pediatrician since it will depend on his individual development.  This is not a strict plan and you do not have to follow a specific order to introduce new food items to your baby. You just have to know what foods will benefit your baby and which you have to avoid. Feeding baby - the first few months During the first four months of [...]