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28 months old

At 28 months old, your toddler is an inquisitive bundle of energy, always on the go... Their little minds are developing so quickly, and soaking up everything they see and hear. Temper tantrums may be the norm now as well as they are beginning to test their boundaries. It is important that you remain patient and set a strict set of rules for your child. This article will discuss how your child is developing at 28 months old. Toddler development at 28 months old Language development By the time your child is 28 months old they are learning to speak in longer sentences and can express what they are feeling as well as tell you what they are doing.  Their [...]

14 months old

Developmental milestone of a 14 month old toddler... During the first 12 months, your baby grows and develops from a dependent newborn into a mobile as well as curious toddler. Your child will learn different things through exploration, movement and manipulation. Moreover, this is the time when your baby develops and refines his or her important gross motor skills, language skills, social skills, and fine motor skills. With the development of these aspects in your child's life, he or she gets to interact with other people, express his or her feelings, and establish the foundation for the next milestones. Developmental milestones for a 14 month old child would refer to the practice or mastery of the skills that is [...]