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5 factors influencing a child’s social development in early childhood!

Various factors like family, friends, school, extracurricular activities, cultural and religious communities have an impact on a child’s social development. To ensure that a kid acquires appropriate social skills and behaviors, a parent must take care of these different factors. Growing up in negative surroundings will have adverse effects on his/her behavior and personality. A child’s social development in early childhood Early childhood is the age between 2 and 7 years. It is the most crucial stage for forming various social and emotional bonds. To ensure a positive social development, it is imperative for parents or caregivers to maintain a healthy physical, social and emotional surrounding for the child. Otherwise, a child is likely to acquire a negative perspective [...]

27 months old

Your child is now 27 months old and seems to be into everything... Their little minds are developing at an alarming rate and they seem to have boundless energy. You may notice an increase in temper tantrums, but remember to be patient. This is a time of learning for both you and your toddler. In this article we will discuss what you can expect this month in your toddler’s life.  Toddler Development: 27 Months Language Development At 27 months, your toddler can comprehend at least 400 words and can verbalize about 200. They should know their first and last names by now and start to use the plural form of some words. They can use possessive pronouns such as [...]

26 months old

There are some milestones that your baby should have reached by now... Now that your toddler is just over two years old his development will be not as predictable as up until now. Children diverge a lot when they come to this point in the acquisition of new skills. However, there are a few things that you can do to keep him developing healthy and well. There are some milestones that your baby should have reached by now, as defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Your toddlers milestones at 26 months old The milestones your toddler should have reached are: being able to identify objects that you name, recognizing familiar names, knowing the names of body parts [...]

22 months old

When your toddler reaches 22 months old you will keep noticing that he develops fast Now that your toddler is 22 months old, he reaches some important milestones. They are more coordinated physically, being able for example to throw a ball without falling. However, you cannot know for sure yet if he is right or left-handed even if you notice that he seems to prefer one hand over the other. Cognitive development at 22 months old His cognitive development will also be really evident at 22 months old, since he will be more self-assured and set on achieving objectives. He knows how to make things happen and he will set is mind on specific missions like finishing a puzzle. The [...]

24 months old

The month of your baby’s birthday has arrived..! 24 months old - time really flies by and this year your toddler has grown so much that you feel like he deserves a big birthday party. However, the best way to celebrate is with a simple and small party. Even though he can understand now what his birthday means, he can get overwhelmed by too many guest and a noisy room full of people. Also, keep it short, invite a couple of children over that he his familiar with, for two hours so they can play, but do not skip his afternoon nap. If you let the party go until late he will be agitated and not sleep right. Just [...]

25 months old

Your child is no longer a baby as he enters his third year of life... Growing up is always a challenge both for him and you to deal with, but you should cherish all the progress that he has made. Encouraging and supporting him is the best way for him to keep evolving and reaching milestones. Physical development at 25 months old Walking is no longer a challenge for your child. He will walk naturally with heel-to-toe motions and steady steps. He can also jump and throw objects over his head without falling. His body fat will keep reducing and his growth is slowing down. The head starts to grow slower and the limbs and torso strengthen which makes [...]

23 months old

Your baby is now close to completing his second year of life... If you want to learn what will be his milestones this month and how to help his development keep reading. Also remember that he will accomplish things step by step and do not worry if he does not do all that he is supposed to do yet. Every toddler is different. Physical development at 23 months At 23 months old your toddler can now use stairs but it is likely that he will still need to hold your hand and climb slowly. When descending the stairs he will prefer to do it backwards in a crawling position. Therefore, you need to make things safe by keeping objects [...]

31 months old

Your toddler is starting to become more independent now... Your child is now an active 31 month old who is curious about everything and demanding both attention and independence. Below are some of the milestones the average 31 month old toddler should be experiencing around this time. Language development At this time your child is beginning to distinguish between conversational styles. They will mimic the tone and speech patterns of the person to whom they are speaking. For example, if they are talking to a child of the same age, they will use simpler language, while when they converse with an adult, they may use more complex phrases. They are also starting to use adjectives as they are becoming [...]

33 months old

Catch up on you toddlers development at 33 months... By now your toddler will start to be very talkative and enjoy engaging in conversation with you and other children close to their age. They will also be extremely inquisitive. They are able to express a wide arrange of emotions and are using more and more prepositions and adjectives in their everyday speech. Their speech is becoming clearer and more people outside their daily circle will be able to understand them more fully. By this time you child should be able to say their first and last name. They should also be able to name other members of their family as well as a decent amount of their peers. Do [...]

29 months old

Your child is now in the midst of their “terrible twos”... This is a great time of emotional, cognitive, social and physical development. Your child is extremely anxious to learn and may try your patience. Remember, this is a crucial time of development in your baby’s life. Take a deep breath and be patient. The following article discusses some of the important milestones for your baby at 29 months. Language development At 29 months old, your child may already have a fairly extensive vocabulary, but they may find themselves frustrated when they are unable to get their point across and may result to whining and temper tantrums. The average 29 month old toddler should have a vocabulary of about [...]