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If Your Due Date is Fast-Approaching, Here’s Your To-Do List!

Besides counting the kicks, making the birth plan and deciding on the junior’s name, would-be mothers have a lot more things to do before they welcome their baby. If you are in the second trimester or third trimester, you can include a few other things in your to-do list to get ready for the baby. First is learning to fold and unfold the pram. With the squirming new-born in arms, it’s quite tricky to deal with the pram. Therefore, mothers can practice using the pram as well as storing it in car boot beforehand. The next thing mothers can do is shop well ahead. It’s not that they cannot visit the supermarket after the baby’s birth, but it would [...]

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Second Trimester – Prepare Your Body Well for the Honeymoon Period

The second trimester - before anything, take a look at Clara’s life!  Clara was overjoyed! She was in her second trimester of pregnancy (14th week) and the doctor had confirmed it to be a girl. She and Marc had always wanted a girl to grace their family first. Finally, she could go shopping for her maternity clothes and plan out the nursery. However, there was additional news too. Though she was regular with her exercise routine, Omega 3 content in her body was below normal range – she had to increase her consumption. So, are you nervous, as you too approach your second trimester? Well, there’s nothing to worry! During the usual 42 week gestation period – this second [...]

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Pregnancy Checklist – The Complete List of Checkpoints for Ensuring a Natural Pregnancy

The journey towards motherhood is the most magical yet challenging experience a woman goes through. To address her fear, anxiety and consciousness, various experts have discussed and recommended on the complete list of checkpoints for ensuring a natural pregnancy. First trimester “When in the 1st trimester, would-be-mommies should not rush but take time and gradually implement each lifestyle habit for a healthier pregnancy,” wrote Lindsay, author of popular pregnancy blog, Mother Rising Initial preparatory activities include choosing care providers and doulas who’ll be there to support them throughout their journey. Next, expecting women need to take enough rest and frequent naps, read good books and pregnancy journals during their first trimester. Also, this is the time when they need [...]

27 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant – getting ready for the third trimester... When you reach 27 weeks pregnant, you are almost done with the second trimester of your pregnancy. As you end the second trimester and enter the third trimester of your pregnancy, there are certain changes that you need to know and warning signs that you need to be aware of. Mom at 27 weeks pregnant At 27 weeks pregnant, your uterus has grown into the size of a basket ball. While this may be a good thing as this indicates that your baby is growing inside your womb, this is not the only thing that is swelling at this time. Around this stage of your pregnancy, you will probably [...]

26 weeks pregnant

Discover what happens when you reach week 26 of your pregnancy... At 26 weeks pregnant, you will probably feel your baby move in different ways, as the space in your uterus is getting more crowded by the day. In fact, the somersaults and turns will now become a more solid kick. In addition, you will also feel a foot or perhaps an elbow poking out of your belly. This stage of your pregnancy definitely offers a new set of experience for you and your baby. Mom at 26 weeks pregnant You are now 26 weeks pregnant and your uterus is already two and a half inches above your navel. Your belly button will become larger in size as it [...]

24 weeks pregnant

You and your baby at 24 weeks... Your growing baby bump will continue to surprise you at 24 weeks pregnant. However, it could also leave you unsteady on your feet since your center of gravity is being shifted. Thus, it is important to become cautious when you get up and down out of bed or from your chair. It is also important that you avoid sudden changes in position as this can get you feeling that rush of blood to the head. Aside from this change, there are a whole new set of pregnancy symptoms that you might be experiencing at this stage of your pregnancy. Mom at 24 weeks pregnant At 24 weeks pregnant, most pregnant women will [...]

23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant – what happens when you reach this stage of your pregnancy... You will find that your weight is steadily increasing now that you have reached 23 weeks pregnant. Thus, it is important to eat healthily, as this will help you feel fuller for longer and will prevent hunger pangs in between your meals. You still need extra calories as you enter the third trimester of the pregnancy. However, this is best taken from nutritious foods rather than junk and sugary snacks. Aside from this, there are other pregnancy symptoms that you will experience once you reach the 23rd week of your pregnancy. Mom at 23 weeks pregnant... Since your baby bump is putting more strain on [...]

22 weeks pregnant

Learning what’s in store for you and your baby... At 22 weeks pregnant, your uterus is now positioned about an inch above your navel. However, your uterus is not the only thing that is growing and developing at this stage of your pregnancy. Here are the things that you get to experience at 22 weeks pregnant. Mom at 22 weeks pregnant At 22 weeks pregnant, you will probably notice that your foot is growing at an increasing rate. While some of this growth can be attributed to water retention or pregnancy swelling, there are some cases wherein this is associated with the increased production of relaxin, a pregnancy hormone which loosens the joints and ligaments around the pelvic area. [...]

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25 weeks pregnant

Learning what is in store for you at this stage of your pregnancy... At 25 weeks pregnant, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare for the birth of your child. Aside from talking to your health care provider about your birth plan, you should also make sure that you have gathered all your maternity notes and made copies of everything in preparation for the big event. Mom at 25 weeks pregnant In preparing for the big day, it is worth knowing the different pregnancy symptoms that you may be feeling during this stage of your pregnancy. Knowing the changes that you will likely experience at 25 weeks pregnant as well as the growth and development [...]

20 weeks pregnant

Changes you experience at 20 weeks pregnant... Now that you are in the midpoint of your pregnancy, the reality of the pregnancy is going to catch up with you. In fact, at 20 weeks pregnant you will begin to feel more real as you will actually feel your baby’s movements more and more and your baby bump will grow bigger by the day. You've got a lot going on at 20 weeks pregnant. You get to experience more intense pregnancy symptoms and your baby is definitely getting bigger. Moreover, there is still plenty of room for your baby to grow inside your uterus, which allows your baby to twist and turn and make you feel his or her movements. [...]