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Restless leg syndrome is keeping the health of pregnant women at stake

According to National Sleep Foundation, “More than 70% of the children who suffer from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) have got this from their mommies (genetics). If the mother has RLS during pregnancy, there is a fair enough chance that the child will also suffer from the same.” The same research states, “If a child has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), he/she faces more severe condition due to RLS.” This research conducted in New York shows that 36% of women during their third trimester show Restless Leg Syndrome. The major problem they face due to this condition is a lack of sleep during the night. Compared to this, pregnant women who did not suffer from RLS have a healthier sleeping [...]

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27 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant – getting ready for the third trimester... When you reach 27 weeks pregnant, you are almost done with the second trimester of your pregnancy. As you end the second trimester and enter the third trimester of your pregnancy, there are certain changes that you need to know and warning signs that you need to be aware of. Mom at 27 weeks pregnant At 27 weeks pregnant, your uterus has grown into the size of a basket ball. While this may be a good thing as this indicates that your baby is growing inside your womb, this is not the only thing that is swelling at this time. Around this stage of your pregnancy, you will probably [...]