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Eating along with 40-min workout eradicates gestational diabetes risks during pregnancy

As per recent meta-analysis randomizing habitual traits of around 2000 women in US highlights – simply heading off for a 40 minute walk during pregnancy stages, slashes off 6% risk of gestational diabetes. It also brings down 30% Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) during the period. The (ACOG) American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reinstates this fact and suggests, if not 40, then at least half an hour of moderate exercising for pregnant women. To-be mommies should include this 30 minute workout, exclusive of the warm-up or cooling down time period, at least 3 days in a week. They can add variety such as toning workouts, moderate stretching. Some mediocritic exercises including swimming, walking at a brisk pace, by-cycling in [...]


As a mom to be, there are many issues that you will experience and cramping is one to expect. Many mothers are afraid they may be having a miscarriage when they are having cramps. However, cramping is a natural and normal part of pregnancy. This is so because so many things are happening in your body at this time. At the same time, it is helpful to observe when things look wrong and there is a need to talk to your doctor or midwife. What cramps are like The uterus is an organ with muscular walls. When anything is happens to the uterus such as pregnancy, it will give a natural response by contracting or expanding like all other muscles. [...]

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Research – pregnant – drinking alcohol can effect future generations

Restriction on drinking alcohol is mostly the first recommendation for a would-be mother (especially those who are used to it). While doctors have already stated numerous reasons including FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders before, researchers have recently come up with a new fact. According to a new study, prenatal exposure to ethanol can cause abnormalities in a newborn’s brain and behavior which passes on to their many next generations. Experts say, “Drinking alcohol affects not only the fetus, but also the offspring’s next few generations. People may find adverse outcomes in their grand and great grandchildren.” Despite knowing the common facts, most women continue to drink alcohol (beer, wine or anything) during pregnancy. But scientists have brought to [...]

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Exposure to secondhand smoke may lead to lung tissue damage of offspring

A would-be mother's exposure to secondhand smoke during the prenatal phase may lead to major changes in lung function of the offspring. This change in structure and functionality would also continue to their adulthood, which may worse, be a risk for lung cancer. A study was recently conducted by the researchers at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge on mice. The report revealed that exposure to SHS can cause abnormal changes, playing a major role in affecting an unborn child with lung diseases. Giving a brief detail on SHS, experts said, “The smoke produced by any tobacco product including cigarettes, cigars or pipes, that people nearby can inhale is considered as SHS. Again, the exhaled smoke of a smoker is [...]

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Congratulations! You’re pregnant! You probably have dozens of questions: What physical symptoms will I experience? How often should I see my doctor? What can I eat? How much weight should I gain during pregnancy ? This article will answer these as well as any other questions you may have regarding your pregnancy. Am I Really Pregnant...? First of all, you will want to be certain you are in fact pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test, followed up by a doctor’s visit if you experience the following symptoms tender or swollen breasts and darkened nipples nausea and vomiting spotting and cramps fatigue food cravings and heightened sense of smell frequent need to urinate missed period frequent mood swings dizzy [...]

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