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Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Mystery Continues As Another Event Convinces Fans

Partner Travis Scott and reality television celebrity Kylie Jenner are facing a wave of assumptions as more fans are convinced each day of her pregnancy. Rumors spread like wildfire as media persons speculate that Jenner might have already gone into labor and given birth. Many followers of Kylie Jenner and her family reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians were disappointed once they started feeling that she was hiding her pregnancy. Fans started looking for clues when one of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe also announced that she was pregnant. Partner Travis Scott’s private jet social media post which said: “Make it Home to ya one way or another” was deduced by fans as a positive indication towards Kylie’s rumored [...]

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Pregnancy cravings

Many things happen to the woman when she is pregnant and they seem normal and natural. But when you develop a craving for some of the most unusual foods or items, then this is weird. How often does one eat, or greater, crave for cottage cheese wraps with sunflower seeds? Or who ever heard of anyone drinking liters of tomato juice. If you become pregnant you may be asking for something stranger. What are pregnancy cravings? Pregnancy cravings are a huge compulsion to eat some kind of foods. Oftentimes it is a weird combination that you or anyone would never consider eating generally. It is a longing to the point of fantasizing about eating a particular food. Approximately half [...]

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Experts disclose preposterous pregnancy myths you (shouldn’t) follow religiously!

Recent research points to some scientific do’s and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy. Starting off from the 9-month timeline, studies reveal that the pregnancy span is 40 weeks. Health experts agree with this stating that ladies are pregnant all the way to the 10th. So mathematically, with 4 weeks/month, the timeline is 40 weeks and not 36! Another myth was brought to light by notable health expert Robbie Berzin. As per his knowledge, most ladies worry excessively whether they should work out or not during pregnancy? To this, his research work proves that they should. He further adds- “Ladies should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simply speaking, they should continue to exercise, but they should alter their routine as [...]

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Surprise surprise! Christina Perry is pregnant with her first child

Jubilant fans couldn’t stop their congratulations, the moment they heard their ‘Jar of Hearts’ and ‘A Thousand Years’ singer Christina Perry announce her pregnancy on Instagram. Perry’s black and white post with her adorable niece Tesla- who was touching her bump with her little cousin! Much to the closure of her fans, the arrow in the picture makes things all the more transparent- ‘Tesla’s little cousin is coming soon…’ A post shared by christina perri (@christinaperri) on Aug 5, 2017 at 9:05am PDT The 30-year-old gorgeous Christina reportedly is a month old after her engagement with fiancé Paul Costabile.  The news broke out on 5th of August Saturday and ever since, her Instagram post has gathered more than 66,000 [...]

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Hemorrhoids – Relieving the pain and discomfort during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are also known as varicose veins in the rectum. They can become itchy, uncomfortable and painful. While they may not make you comfortable now, they are considered common and harmless. In fact, more than half of pregnant women get them, especially those who are in the second to third trimesters. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels in the rectum that have become unusually inflamed and swollen. Their sizes can range from the size of a pea to a grape. They can be found inside the rectum. However, there are cases wherein they protrude through the anus. In some cases, hemorrhoids can cause rectal bleeding, especially when you are removing your bowel. In most cases, hemorrhoids that have developed during a [...]

Preeclampsia – Its development, risks, signs and possible diagnosis!

Preeclampsia is a condition which affects women in the 2nd half or 20 weeks into their pregnancy stage. It is also known as PIH- pregnancy- induced hypertension (or toxemia). This disease affects you (as the mother) as well as the fetus. In some instances, it also happens after the child delivery is done. Preeclampsia - Its Risk and Impact! If by any chance you are hearing about it for the first time, then you should know that this is a common disease which has plagued countless females across the sphere. Take a look into some of these hard-hitting statistics! Scientists and health care experts’ say- around 5-10% of all pregnant women are at risk of this disease. This disease [...]

42 weeks to go | How should pregnant women prepare for a new life within?

At the foremost, Congratulations! As you have just uttered ‘I am pregnant’, next, be ready for the most wondrous and miraculous experience of your life. Every day of the upcoming 42 weeks is going to give you a lot of new experiences, a few restrictions, many guidelines on ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’, etc. Well, all of these are extremely important for pregnant women to ensure a safe gestation and a healthy birth of a child. As you embark on this new journey, here’s a guide on what all you’ll come across till your baby is in your arms. Beginning with the 3 trimesters The entire phase of gestation is categorized into 3 parts – 1st: 12 weeks [...]

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Blood tests during pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with its joys and celebrations. Pregnancy also comes with many risks that you are not even aware of until your doctor or midwife tells you some bad news. Luckily, science has made it all possible to know what’s going on with your little one inside of you. From the moment you get pregnant you will be offered a slew of blood tests to determine how your baby is doing and if there are any problems she will encounter after she is born. Purpose of blood tests during pregnancy You may wonder why the need for so many blood tests. One purpose for this evaluation is to check for and determine any problems that may affect the health [...]

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Gas in pregnancy: Why this happens and what should you do if you have it

The increase in pregnancy hormones can relax the muscles throughout the body, including muscles in your digestive tract. This results to the slowing down of the digestive processes. This means that the bacteria in your tract have more time to work on the undigested food before elimination. With this extra working time, there is more fermentation, leading to more gas. Aside from the excessive hormone production during pregnancy, constipation can also slow down the bowel functions, making you feel more bloated and gassy. Gas during pregnancy can cause excruciating pain in the abdomen. The pain may stay in one area on your abdomen or travel to different parts like your back, chest or belly. It has been established that [...]

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Medical advisers have revealed the major symptoms leading to miscarriage for to-be mothers to know

Of late, doctors and medical advisers all over the world have shown concern regarding pregnancy. As per National estimates, 15% to 20% of the pregnancy ends up in miscarriage. Among this, 40% of the miscarriage happens in the first trimester. Nonetheless, this is quite a depressing rate and a lot of women who have faced this has mentioned in their statement to the doctor that they feel lonely. Considering this state, medical experts have worked on the symptoms of pregnancy. “There are certain symptoms that all the to-be mothers should keep an eye on if they want to avoid miscarriage,” – said a gynecologist. During pregnancy, a bit of swelling is natural, especially in hand. But if that is [...]