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What to Eat and What to Avoid During Pregnancy

Kimberley Ann Johnson, nutritionist and bestseller author of The Fourth Trimester reveals a list of things that will be beneficial for pregnant women to eat. In a science backed approach, Johnson says that women should rather follow their cravings than a strict list of food items. Johnson told MyDomain journal, “After being a 20 years vegetarian eater, my pregnancy made me crave for hamburgers and chicken rottiserie. I didn’t stop myself at all and went ahead with it.” The period made her realize a lot about her post natal problems that happened because of low protein and mineral intake. She understood the many benefits of women having a wholesome approach to pregnancy diet rather than focusing on something particular. [...]

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42 weeks to go | How should pregnant women prepare for a new life within?

At the foremost, Congratulations! As you have just uttered ‘I am pregnant’, next, be ready for the most wondrous and miraculous experience of your life. Every day of the upcoming 42 weeks is going to give you a lot of new experiences, a few restrictions, many guidelines on ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’, etc. Well, all of these are extremely important for pregnant women to ensure a safe gestation and a healthy birth of a child. As you embark on this new journey, here’s a guide on what all you’ll come across till your baby is in your arms. Beginning with the 3 trimesters The entire phase of gestation is categorized into 3 parts – 1st: 12 weeks [...]

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You often hear that constipation is common during pregnancy, right? But here is a little known fact that diarrhea also affects many pregnant women, caused from one reason or another. This time the hormones are not so much to be blamed.  Diarrhea could be a result of other things and you can easily deal with it. The condition of diarrhea Diarrhea is the condition of passing watery stool at a frequent rate. If you find yourself having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements in twenty-four hours, it means you have diarrhea.  Where your body is losing so much fluid within a short space of time, you will get dehydrated, because the walls of your cells have collapsed. [...]

Researches show that detoxification during pregnancy is now important for the newborn baby

In 2012-2013, according to NSDUH, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, did research on drugs and pregnancy. They stated, “Around 5.5% of the pregnant women who are aging between 15 years and 44 years have used drugs in some or the other form.” The concern stated since then, as the newborns were showing signs of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome or NAS. This signifies that they have signs of opioids. The count of newborns with NAS in 2012 was around 21,732. National Institute on Drug Abuse threw light on the matter. According to their statement, “As soon as these babies are born from their mother’s womb, they start detoxifying themselves.” American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists commented on the same. [...]

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Eating along with 40-min workout eradicates gestational diabetes risks during pregnancy

As per recent meta-analysis randomizing habitual traits of around 2000 women in US highlights – simply heading off for a 40 minute walk during pregnancy stages, slashes off 6% risk of gestational diabetes. It also brings down 30% Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) during the period. The (ACOG) American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reinstates this fact and suggests, if not 40, then at least half an hour of moderate exercising for pregnant women. To-be mommies should include this 30 minute workout, exclusive of the warm-up or cooling down time period, at least 3 days in a week. They can add variety such as toning workouts, moderate stretching. Some mediocritic exercises including swimming, walking at a brisk pace, by-cycling in [...]

Latest meta-analysis study gives pregnant women 2 things to lower chances of C-Section

According to a recent meta-analysis report, pregnant women willing for a vaginal birth can take charge of their delivery by eating healthy and exercising during gestation. The study was published in the journal The BMJ on July 19. The report says, “Weight gain during pregnancy is healthy until you do not put on excessive weight. Too much weight gain affects both the mother and the unborn child negatively.” In the United States, C-Sections are epidemic. 1 of every 3 would-be mothers undergoes cesarean delivery. Earlier, researchers estimated, half of these cases are medically not necessary. A previously conducted data on global basis shows half of the women in their childbearing age suffer from obesity. This gestational weight gain puts [...]

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