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Experts disclose preposterous pregnancy myths you (shouldn’t) follow religiously!

Recent research points to some scientific do’s and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy. Starting off from the 9-month timeline, studies reveal that the pregnancy span is 40 weeks. Health experts agree with this stating that ladies are pregnant all the way to the 10th. So mathematically, with 4 weeks/month, the timeline is 40 weeks and not 36! Another myth was brought to light by notable health expert Robbie Berzin. As per his knowledge, most ladies worry excessively whether they should work out or not during pregnancy? To this, his research work proves that they should. He further adds- “Ladies should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simply speaking, they should continue to exercise, but they should alter their routine as [...]

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Hemorrhoids – Relieving the pain and discomfort during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are also known as varicose veins in the rectum. They can become itchy, uncomfortable and painful. While they may not make you comfortable now, they are considered common and harmless. In fact, more than half of pregnant women get them, especially those who are in the second to third trimesters. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels in the rectum that have become unusually inflamed and swollen. Their sizes can range from the size of a pea to a grape. They can be found inside the rectum. However, there are cases wherein they protrude through the anus. In some cases, hemorrhoids can cause rectal bleeding, especially when you are removing your bowel. In most cases, hemorrhoids that have developed during a [...]

Preeclampsia – Its development, risks, signs and possible diagnosis!

Preeclampsia is a condition which affects women in the 2nd half or 20 weeks into their pregnancy stage. It is also known as PIH- pregnancy- induced hypertension (or toxemia). This disease affects you (as the mother) as well as the fetus. In some instances, it also happens after the child delivery is done. Preeclampsia - Its Risk and Impact! If by any chance you are hearing about it for the first time, then you should know that this is a common disease which has plagued countless females across the sphere. Take a look into some of these hard-hitting statistics! Scientists and health care experts’ say- around 5-10% of all pregnant women are at risk of this disease. This disease [...]

42 weeks to go | How should pregnant women prepare for a new life within?

At the foremost, Congratulations! As you have just uttered ‘I am pregnant’, next, be ready for the most wondrous and miraculous experience of your life. Every day of the upcoming 42 weeks is going to give you a lot of new experiences, a few restrictions, many guidelines on ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’, etc. Well, all of these are extremely important for pregnant women to ensure a safe gestation and a healthy birth of a child. As you embark on this new journey, here’s a guide on what all you’ll come across till your baby is in your arms. Beginning with the 3 trimesters The entire phase of gestation is categorized into 3 parts – 1st: 12 weeks [...]

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Blood tests during pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with its joys and celebrations. Pregnancy also comes with many risks that you are not even aware of until your doctor or midwife tells you some bad news. Luckily, science has made it all possible to know what’s going on with your little one inside of you. From the moment you get pregnant you will be offered a slew of blood tests to determine how your baby is doing and if there are any problems she will encounter after she is born. Purpose of blood tests during pregnancy You may wonder why the need for so many blood tests. One purpose for this evaluation is to check for and determine any problems that may affect the health [...]

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You often hear that constipation is common during pregnancy, right? But here is a little known fact that diarrhea also affects many pregnant women, caused from one reason or another. This time the hormones are not so much to be blamed.  Diarrhea could be a result of other things and you can easily deal with it. The condition of diarrhea Diarrhea is the condition of passing watery stool at a frequent rate. If you find yourself having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements in twenty-four hours, it means you have diarrhea.  Where your body is losing so much fluid within a short space of time, you will get dehydrated, because the walls of your cells have collapsed. [...]

Researches show that detoxification during pregnancy is now important for the newborn baby

In 2012-2013, according to NSDUH, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, did research on drugs and pregnancy. They stated, “Around 5.5% of the pregnant women who are aging between 15 years and 44 years have used drugs in some or the other form.” The concern stated since then, as the newborns were showing signs of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome or NAS. This signifies that they have signs of opioids. The count of newborns with NAS in 2012 was around 21,732. National Institute on Drug Abuse threw light on the matter. According to their statement, “As soon as these babies are born from their mother’s womb, they start detoxifying themselves.” American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists commented on the same. [...]

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Bloating – what causes bloating – things to do to relieve bloating

Since you became pregnant you constantly feel bloated, gassy and plain uncomfortable. You always feel like you have had too much even when you hardly touched anything to eat. You’re guessing right. You are having one of those common, least charming but normal pregnancy symptoms – bloating. You might not be prepared to get used to it, but this symptom is likely to last all the way to delivery date. What Causes Bloating Bloating is actually a symptom that pregnant mothers normally have to deal with. It is a condition where there is excess gas in the bowels.  You definitely feel stuffed and tend to pass gas more frequently. You will actually start experiencing the condition from around 11 [...]

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Medical advisers have revealed the major symptoms leading to miscarriage for to-be mothers to know

Of late, doctors and medical advisers all over the world have shown concern regarding pregnancy. As per National estimates, 15% to 20% of the pregnancy ends up in miscarriage. Among this, 40% of the miscarriage happens in the first trimester. Nonetheless, this is quite a depressing rate and a lot of women who have faced this has mentioned in their statement to the doctor that they feel lonely. Considering this state, medical experts have worked on the symptoms of pregnancy. “There are certain symptoms that all the to-be mothers should keep an eye on if they want to avoid miscarriage,” – said a gynecologist. During pregnancy, a bit of swelling is natural, especially in hand. But if that is [...]

Jennifer Metcalfe posts to embrace herself and others new mommy bodies

Jennifer Metcalfe celebrates her new mom body while encouraging several new mothers out there! After four weeks of giving birth to her son, she posted her perfect new-mommy body picture on Instagram with a really motivating saying. What was on her mind, certainly gave a boost to many mothers who don’t like their body post pregnancy. It’s a general trend that celebrities are posting their pre-delivery picture with a baby bump and breaking certain body stereotypes. But, 34 years old Jennifer Metcalfe has taken another step to break the concept of ‘perfect body’ type, post pregnancy. “I feel it is important that we see unfiltered bodies during pregnancy and after babies are born, and celebrate the new body! I [...]