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Second Trimester – Prepare Your Body Well for the Honeymoon Period

The second trimester - before anything, take a look at Clara’s life!  Clara was overjoyed! She was in her second trimester of pregnancy (14th week) and the doctor had confirmed it to be a girl. She and Marc had always wanted a girl to grace their family first. Finally, she could go shopping for her maternity clothes and plan out the nursery. However, there was additional news too. Though she was regular with her exercise routine, Omega 3 content in her body was below normal range – she had to increase her consumption. So, are you nervous, as you too approach your second trimester? Well, there’s nothing to worry! During the usual 42 week gestation period – this second [...]

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Preeclampsia – Its development, risks, signs and possible diagnosis!

Preeclampsia is a condition which affects women in the 2nd half or 20 weeks into their pregnancy stage. It is also known as PIH- pregnancy- induced hypertension (or toxemia). This disease affects you (as the mother) as well as the fetus. In some instances, it also happens after the child delivery is done. Preeclampsia - Its Risk and Impact! If by any chance you are hearing about it for the first time, then you should know that this is a common disease which has plagued countless females across the sphere. Take a look into some of these hard-hitting statistics! Scientists and health care experts’ say- around 5-10% of all pregnant women are at risk of this disease. This disease [...]

Eating along with 40-min workout eradicates gestational diabetes risks during pregnancy

As per recent meta-analysis randomizing habitual traits of around 2000 women in US highlights – simply heading off for a 40 minute walk during pregnancy stages, slashes off 6% risk of gestational diabetes. It also brings down 30% Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) during the period. The (ACOG) American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reinstates this fact and suggests, if not 40, then at least half an hour of moderate exercising for pregnant women. To-be mommies should include this 30 minute workout, exclusive of the warm-up or cooling down time period, at least 3 days in a week. They can add variety such as toning workouts, moderate stretching. Some mediocritic exercises including swimming, walking at a brisk pace, by-cycling in [...]

Pregnancy stages

Pregnancy in a woman lasts for 38 - 40 weeks and this period is divided into three stages... Pregnancy is that period of a woman’s existence when she goes through certain life-changing experiences associated with having a child. The length of time that your baby is inside the body can look especially long for some moms because of the discomforts that often accompany pregnancy. Pregnancy however for many have been a fulfilling experience, occurring without any major upheavals and the period is nothing but pleasurable and preparation for the baby. Pregnancy in a woman lasts for 38 - 40 weeks and this period is divided into three stages called trimesters – first, second and third trimesters. Each pregnancy stage [...]