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Pregnancy due date

From the very moment that you announce to the world that you are going to have a baby the most asked question is “When are you due?” Women have come a long way in being able to tell their due date, that is, as best as possible. Pregnant women in earlier times could only indicate they were due “around Thanksgiving” or “late fall”. But as health care becomes more of a priority, births are done less in the home and more in a hospital, making it necessary to be more accurate about when to be confined to a hospital bed. At this time it would be termed “estimated date of confinement”. Since then, science and technology have increased tremendously [...]

Pregnancy calculator

Use our pregnancy test calculator to calculate your pregnancy... Here at ThePregnancyLab you can use our pregnancy test calculator to calculate your pregnancy. Please keep in mind that the pregnancy calculations that are provided are estimates based on averages. Get access to all your important pregnancy dates like... Conception date First heart beat First move End of first trimester End of second trimester Your due date Your baby´s star sign Enter your details of your pregnancy, fill in your e mail address, and by the time you have taken your next breath - your results will be in your inbox :-) Pregnancy Due Date Calculator + Week by Week Guide Use our pregnancy due date calculator to calculate your [...]