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2 weeks pregnant

At 2 weeks pregnant you may or may not actually be aware that you are pregnant... If you have been trying to conceive you might have some idea, but if this is an ‘unexpected pregnancy” you might be completely unaware at this point. Either way, you have a little life growing and developing inside you. This article will discuss what you can expect at 2 weeks pregnant for both you and your baby. Although some say you are not even “technically” pregnant at this point. Your healthcare provider will calculate your baby’s due date from the first day of your previous menstrual cycle. It is difficult to tell if conception has actually taken place at this point as it [...]

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period

Every woman has different experiences when it comes to pregnancy. Likewise, the early signs of pregnancy can vary from one woman to another and from one pregnancy to another. There are some women who know the time of conception. Others, on the other hand, know from signals that they sense. These signals are known as the first signs of pregnancy. However, there are also women who do not suspect that they are pregnant until after they miss a period. In fact, a missed period is considered the most common reason why women take a pregnancy test, as pregnancy is the most likely reason for a missed period. However, other causes are also possible like stress and other ailments. There [...]

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Missed period negative pregnancy test

For many women that have a regular menstrual cycle it can be alarming to be a few days late... For many women that have a regular menstrual cycle it can be alarming to be a few days late. The most common thing to do is to buy a pregnancy test.  If this test is negative you might be confused but it is actually fairly common. This can happen when you are actually pregnant, meaning that this test gave you a false negative. The most common causes for a false negative test are listed below. Low sensitivity of the test. Not all home pregnancy tests are made the same. There are some with worst detection levels than others, meaning that [...]

Early signs of pregnancy

The first and classic early sign of pregnancy is a late or missed period... Whether you deliberately go out to get pregnant, or it is something totally unplanned, the signs of pregnancy are the same, excepting that in the latter case you may miss the cue because you are that anxious. No doubt many women can hardly wait to know if they are pregnant. But do you know what signs to look for?  From very early after conception takes place, you may suspect that it has happened because you are seeing some changes taking place in your body.  Knowing what to look for can take the anxiety out of the whole process. Although the best way to be sure [...]