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For one reason or another you may need to use a breast pump... Breast pumps are designed to extract breast milk. Mothers who have to go back to work find it very convenient to leave food for their babies while they are away. Consider also that you may want to go out and could stay longer than is anticipated. Knowing that the baby has her feed while you are gone is very reassuring and you only have to worry about getting back to be with her. On another occasion, you may just need some rest. Having breast milk available to give you that space is very convenient. Breast pumps have been made since 1920 when the famous American Pediatrician, [...]

Pumping breast milk

Pumping breast milk is essential when you have a baby.... When to do it Pumping breast milk consists in collecting breast milk by a manual or mechanical method that allows you to store it so your baby can keep being breastfed even when you are not around. The most common reason for moms to collect milk is going back to work when the baby is still nursing. It is also useful when you are tired and really need a full night of sleep, since you can delegate the feeding to your partner if you collect milk beforehand. Before the time of need comes you should practice since the process can be a little tricky in the beginning. Pumping breast [...]

Electric breast pump

A Useful Tool for Nursing, Working Mothers... There are a lot of reasons why nursing mothers may want to express their milk. One of the main advantages of expressing breast milk is that your baby can actually benefit from your milk even when you are not present. Working mothers and mothers who need to strike a balance between household chores and taking care of a newborn can definitely benefit from expressing breast milk, as there are instances when breastfeeding can become rather tiring and unmanageable. The good thing is that mothers nowadays have a choice. Breast pumps have been created to help nursing mothers who need to be away from their babies. A simple electric breast pump can make everything [...]

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We will give you some insights on the selection of breast pumps available... You made the choice to breastfeed your baby and you finally got the nursing part down pat but you’re a little nervous about using a breast pump. Plus honestly, you probably have no idea as to even how to choose the right breast pump, let alone how to use it properly! We will give you some insights on the selection of breast pumps available as well as cover some basics on how to use them. Functions of a Breast Pump A breast pump is a medical device which is regulated by the FDA and designed to extract breast milk from nursing mothers. It can also be used to [...]