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24 weeks pregnant

You and your baby at 24 weeks... Your growing baby bump will continue to surprise you at 24 weeks pregnant. However, it could also leave you unsteady on your feet since your center of gravity is being shifted. Thus, it is important to become cautious when you get up and down out of bed or from your chair. It is also important that you avoid sudden changes in position as this can get you feeling that rush of blood to the head. Aside from this change, there are a whole new set of pregnancy symptoms that you might be experiencing at this stage of your pregnancy. Mom at 24 weeks pregnant At 24 weeks pregnant, most pregnant women will [...]

19 weeks pregnant

19 weeks pregnant - learning the changes you get to experience... Pregnancy is truly a wonderful phase of a woman's life. There are a lot of different changes that are happening while waiting for your child to be born. While this may also be a confusing and overwhelming phase, you can lessen such feeling if you take time to learn and understand the different changes that happens to your body. In fact, when you are 19 weeks pregnant, you will get to feel different pregnancy symptoms compared to the symptoms of the previous weeks. In addition, you may feel the same symptoms but more severe at this phase of your pregnancy. Here are some of the changes that you [...]

Cramps during pregnancy

What are cramps and how to alleviate during pregnancy..? Cramps are described as a pulling sensation on the abdomen. It can be a normal symptom of pregnancy or caused by a serious problem. Therefore, it is important for you to recognize when it is a cause for alarm. Mild cramps are common in early pregnancy resulting from the changes that occur in your body during the first trimester. Most women experience cramps and vaginal spotting when the embryo implants in the uterine wall and this happens around the time of your first missed period. Hence, cramping might be the first sign that you are pregnant but it is common to dismiss it as menstrual cramps. Minor cramping on the [...]