Khloe Kardashians’ Heart-Melting Pregnancy News Stirs the World

The media has been in uproar since Khloe Kardashian spoke about her upcoming baby on 15th January. The popular T.V show Keeping up with the Kardashians showed a glimpse of this heart touching news when an emotional Khloe said: “I am pregnant.” Holding up her positive test result, Khloe glowed with warmth as she first told her assistant Alexa Royle. Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s partner, heard from her over FaceTime and was overwhelmed with the news. “I asked her if she was kidding?” Thompson said. Khloe and Thompson waited for the big barbeque party that the Kardashians were going to have later on. Both their families were present at the party when the soon to become parents stood up in [...]