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4 weeks pregnant

What you can expect for you and your baby in your 4 weeks of pregnancy... Now that you are 4 weeks pregnant, if might be time to purchase that home pregnancy test, or schedule an appointment with your doctor for a blood test to confirm that you are expecting. Your baby at 4 weeks pregnant At four weeks pregnant, your baby is not quite.3mm long and about the size of a poppy seed. The blastocyst has attached itself to your uterus wall and is now ready to split into two, half of which is the embryo and the other which will form the placenta. The placenta will supply your baby with the nutrients it needs to survive, grow and [...]

5 weeks pregnant

5 weeks pregnant - how your baby is developing Your baby is about the size of a sesame seed. At 5 weeks pregnant, you should get an accurate reading on a home pregnancy test and your body is starting to finally display some of the early signs of pregnancy, if you have not already. In this article we will discuss how  your baby is developing as well as what you can expect during the fifth week of pregnancy. Your baby at 5 weeks pregnant Your baby is about the size of a sesame seed and resembles a very small tadpole.  The three layers of the embryo are now fully formed. The outer ectoderm contains the nervous system, eyes, ears [...]

3 weeks pregnant

We discuss what you can expect during this new and exciting time in your life... Conception has most likely taken place at 3 weeks pregnant and your body is going through many changes as it prepares for the next nine months. Home pregnancy test You might be wondering if it is too soon to take a home pregnancy test. You may suspect that you are already pregnant and even have started to display some early pregnancy symptoms. If you suspect that you are pregnant you can either consult your doctor to get a blood test, which of course is the most accurate method, or you can opt for a home pregnancy test. You can take a home pregnancy test [...]

Home pregnancy test

Taking a home pregnancy test can actually become nerve racking, especially if you are not even sure that you trust the results. It is worth knowing how to take one and the possible pitfalls of taking one. A pregnancy test is designed to tell if your urine or your blood contains hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is often coined as the pregnancy hormone as it is produced right after an implantation, which is the time when a fertilized egg sticks to the wall of the uterus. This occurs about six days right after fertilization of the egg occurs. Once you become pregnant, your hCG will continue to increase. Are All Home Pregnancy Tests the Same..? All pregnancy [...]

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Pregnancy test

Waiting to find out if pregnancy has taken place can be a very stressful time... For more than one reasons waiting to find out if pregnancy has taken place can be a very stressful time for a woman. Whether it is a case of planned or unplanned pregnancy, this can bring about many emotions, most of all fear, anxiety and excitement. The sooner you find out if you are pregnant, the better it is so you can start making the right decision for you and the baby. Today we are thankful that the wait to find out does not have to be long as a pregnancy test is easily accessible. Importance of Pregnancy Hormone Simply, the pregnancy test is [...]