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Preeclampsia – Its development, risks, signs and possible diagnosis!

Preeclampsia is a condition which affects women in the 2nd half or 20 weeks into their pregnancy stage. It is also known as PIH- pregnancy- induced hypertension (or toxemia). This disease affects you (as the mother) as well as the fetus. In some instances, it also happens after the child delivery is done. Preeclampsia - Its Risk and Impact! If by any chance you are hearing about it for the first time, then you should know that this is a common disease which has plagued countless females across the sphere. Take a look into some of these hard-hitting statistics! Scientists and health care experts’ say- around 5-10% of all pregnant women are at risk of this disease. This disease [...]

Doctors are spreading awareness against preeclampsia and eclampsia that can be fatal for pregnant women

5% of all pregnancies get more complicated due to hypertension, and it delays in childbearing. According to latest maternity report, Jamaican women during and post pregnancy are suffering from hypertension issues. There are four types of hyper tensions, among which the riskiest ones are preeclampsia and eclampsia. Dr. Keisha Buchanan of ICON Medical Centre who is a very renowned obstetrician-gynecologist has done extensive research on the same to bring out several points to the light. “Preeclampsia is one of the most seen obstetric complications in Jamaican women nowadays. The major portion of protein from their body gets passed out through urine which makes them very weak. This can cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, sudden stomach ache and other issues.” Dr. [...]

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