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Headaches during pregnancy – Learning more how you can deal with one

Headaches tend to happen when you are in your early days of pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom has been associated with the increased production of pregnancy hormones a few weeks after conception. Aside from the increased production of pregnancy hormones during the first few weeks of your pregnancy, headaches can also be caused by the increased blood volume circulating in the pregnant woman's body. The increase in blood volume is considered normal. Aside from these causes, headaches during pregnancy can also be caused by stress and tension, especially to those who are still adjusting to a new pregnancy. In fact, this can be a stressful time for many women. Tension headaches during pregnancy is the most common type of headache. [...]

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20 weeks pregnant

Changes you experience at 20 weeks pregnant... Now that you are in the midpoint of your pregnancy, the reality of the pregnancy is going to catch up with you. In fact, at 20 weeks pregnant you will begin to feel more real as you will actually feel your baby’s movements more and more and your baby bump will grow bigger by the day. You've got a lot going on at 20 weeks pregnant. You get to experience more intense pregnancy symptoms and your baby is definitely getting bigger. Moreover, there is still plenty of room for your baby to grow inside your uterus, which allows your baby to twist and turn and make you feel his or her movements. [...]

Pregnancy symptoms

A quick reference guide to pregnancy symptoms... Could I be pregnant? Skipped a period? Morning sickness? Is it pregnancy or the flu? Below we will discuss common pregnancy symptoms to help you determine if you might be expecting. Common pregnancy symptoms Every female in her childbearing years has experienced least one of the common pregnancy symptoms at one point or another, maybe even to the point where it was a full-blown pregnancy scare. Many of the most common pregnancy symptoms are similar to other illnesses so it’s not always easy to do a self-diagnosis. Of course the best way to determine if you are legitimately expecting a child is to see a physician, but why run to the doctor [...]