Over Conscious Pregnancy Feeding Habits Can Lead to Fussy Eaters in New-borns, Research Reveals

While pregnancy cautiousness often makes women to be over selective about their gestation diet, studies have shown that being choosy on foods causes new-borns to be fussy eaters or neophobic. While this comes as a complete paradox of healthy eating habits, doctors have laid emphasis on the amniotic fluid development procedure. The amniotic fluid is a translucent, yellowish solution that covers an unborn baby and resides preliminarily in the amniotic sack. Doctors said, this complex liquid is responsible for providing the first senses of taste and smell to the foetus and its constituents decide a new-born’s feeding affinities. On seeking insight from a renowned medical practitioner, she was heard saying, “15 to 16 weeks post conception, a foetus starts [...]