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Frequent Urination

Effectively Dealing with Frequent Urination during Pregnancy Frequent urination is considered a pregnancy symptom that no pregnant woman enjoys.  However, this is also considered as one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy which starts early in the first three months of the pregnancy and gets bad in the last three months of the pregnancy. What Causes Frequent Urination during Pregnancy? Frequent urination during pregnancy is mainly caused by the increased blood flow to the pregnant woman’s kidneys. The extra blood flow makes the kidneys produce up to 25 percent more urine soon after conception. The increased urine production peaks at nine to 16 weeks of the pregnancy. Aside from the increase in blood flow, frequent urination during pregnancy [...]

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First signs of pregnancy

Many times a woman does not have to wait long to know if she is pregnant... The missed period is the very tell-tale sign that something is going on inside. Even before a missed period however, many women can sense a difference in their overall feeling or condition. For some, it just slips by as something from another condition. Women who are in tune with their bodies however, will notice the difference by their intuitiveness.  Your readiness for the moment and what could be depends on how badly you want to have a baby, for nothing will miss you. There are certain signs that are an indication that you are pregnant, even before a missed period. Bleeding and Cramping [...]