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10 diy activities to develop fine motor skills of young kids!

Fine motor skills are essential in the development of toddlers. As they grow up, these skills will improve their muscle coordination in body. There are some fun and easy DIY activities which will improve the skills in toddlers effectively. Fine motor skills, the beginning of your kid’s development. From a young age, it is important that toddlers train their small muscles to coordinate. This is also known as dexterity, which continues to develop intelligence at every stage of their growth. It indicates the importance of developing fine motor in young kids or toddlers. What do these motor skills involve? Fine motor involves coordination of small muscles like fingers, wrist, hand, toes, feet, eye level, etc. These may sound very [...]

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28 months old

At 28 months old, your toddler is an inquisitive bundle of energy, always on the go... Their little minds are developing so quickly, and soaking up everything they see and hear. Temper tantrums may be the norm now as well as they are beginning to test their boundaries. It is important that you remain patient and set a strict set of rules for your child. This article will discuss how your child is developing at 28 months old. Toddler development at 28 months old Language development By the time your child is 28 months old they are learning to speak in longer sentences and can express what they are feeling as well as tell you what they are doing.  Their [...]

27 months old

Your child is now 27 months old and seems to be into everything... Their little minds are developing at an alarming rate and they seem to have boundless energy. You may notice an increase in temper tantrums, but remember to be patient. This is a time of learning for both you and your toddler. In this article we will discuss what you can expect this month in your toddler’s life.  Toddler Development: 27 Months Language Development At 27 months, your toddler can comprehend at least 400 words and can verbalize about 200. They should know their first and last names by now and start to use the plural form of some words. They can use possessive pronouns such as [...]

26 months old

There are some milestones that your baby should have reached by now... Now that your toddler is just over two years old his development will be not as predictable as up until now. Children diverge a lot when they come to this point in the acquisition of new skills. However, there are a few things that you can do to keep him developing healthy and well. There are some milestones that your baby should have reached by now, as defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Your toddlers milestones at 26 months old The milestones your toddler should have reached are: being able to identify objects that you name, recognizing familiar names, knowing the names of body parts [...]

31 months old

Your toddler is starting to become more independent now... Your child is now an active 31 month old who is curious about everything and demanding both attention and independence. Below are some of the milestones the average 31 month old toddler should be experiencing around this time. Language development At this time your child is beginning to distinguish between conversational styles. They will mimic the tone and speech patterns of the person to whom they are speaking. For example, if they are talking to a child of the same age, they will use simpler language, while when they converse with an adult, they may use more complex phrases. They are also starting to use adjectives as they are becoming [...]

30 months old

Your child is now two and a half years old! Can you believe it..? They are growing up so quickly. This article will discuss the developmental milestones for the average 30 months old child. Language development At this point, your toddler will have a vocabulary of about 350 words and can name objects as well as action words. They can distinguish the difference between concepts such as “hot and cold” or “up and down.” They can speak in short sentences and answer questions with short phrases, but cannot yet tell narratives. They begin to refer to themselves using “I” and are starting to learn action words “I run, I fall.”  They are getting better at following simple three step [...]

32 months old

Your toddler is growing at such a rapid rate at this time..! You may feel frustrated as they seem to be acting out more at this time, but it is part of the growth and learning process. Just be firm, but patient. Here are some developmental guidelines for your child at 32 months of age. Language development At 32 months, your toddler is speaking in 5-6 word sentences and is now able to distinguish a little better between past and present tense, although there still may be some confusion. They will start to ask you questions as you are reading stories to them and comment on the pictures. They should be able to begin to answer more questions such [...]

36 months old

Congratulations! You now have a three year old child..! You have seen so much growth and development in the last 35 months and survived temper tantrums and an endless barrage of questions. Now that your child is three, there are still many milestones they need to overcome. It will be a very challenging, yet rewarding time for both parent and child as your child enters the third year of their life. Language development By 3 years old, your toddler has a vocabulary of almost 900 words and should be able to describe how 1-3 objects are used. They are starting to speak in full, comprehensive sentences are wanting to converse with you more and more. By this point they [...]

34 months old

Common milestones for the average 34 month old toddler... Your energetic 34 month old is getting into EVERYTHING and repeating everything you say? Is this normal? Of course, your child is in a crucial stage of their development. It is an intense time of learning and growth. Language development By now, you child should be able to name at least a few colors and shapes and may be even recognize certain letters. They may be able to recognize the first letter of their name at this point as well. They will be able to converse in 3-4 sentences at this time and are eager to talk to anyone who will listen to them. They should have a pretty extensive [...]

35 months old

Your toddler is closing in on their third birthday... Can you believe it? In a month your child is going to be three years old? Where did the time go? The “terrible two’s” are almost over...and you’ve survived! In this article, we will discuss some of the things you can expect from your child as they enter the final month of their two-year old reign. Language development As they near their 3rd birthday, your toddler has quite an extensive vocabulary of approximately 800-850 words. They are beginning to speak in longer sentences (4-5 words) and correctly use parts of speech and proper tenses. They should be able to explain how at least one object is used. Your child will [...]