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Edema during Pregnancy – Why It Happens and What You Can Do to Relieve It? Your abdomen may not be the only thing that is swelling while you are pregnant. In fact, you will start to notice mild swelling on your feet or ankles. However, the amount of swelling can vary. Edema or swelling affects pregnant women who are about 22 weeks to 27 weeks pregnant and this symptom can stick around until the delivery of your baby. This symptom typically affects the lower extremities. However, edema can occasionally appear as swelling of the face or the hands. What Causes Edema during Pregnancy? There are several reasons why edema occurs during pregnancy. For instance, the main reason why pregnant [...]

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18 weeks pregnant

The changes you get to experience when you are 18 weeks pregnant. At 18 weeks pregnant, there are already a lot of changes that you will notice. The size of your uterus is about the same size as that of a cantaloupe. In fact, this can be felt below your belly button. In addition, this is also a great time to check if you are having a boy or a girl. Aside from these changes, you will feel several pregnancy symptoms as well at 18 weeks. Back pains and aches For instance, you will most likely feel backache at this stage of the pregnancy since your uterus is growing and will shift your center of gravity. This means that [...]