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Are You Pregnant? Pee on Ikea Ad and Win a Discounted Crib!

Ikea, one of the world’s leading furniture and home appliances manufacturing company, is once again in the news; this time, for their weirdest promotion act. The company promises to offer a discounted crib if pregnant women urinate on their ad published in a Swedish magazine. Amelia is a popular women oriented magazine where Ikea published their message as, “Peeing on this ad may change your life.” As the ad post itself elaborates, this is more like a pregnancy test for ladies who will disclose whether they have conceived or not. According Ad Week, the advertisement contains a strip which will reveal a discount after a woman urinates on it, only if they have conceived. Ikea has used a technology [...]

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Baby gifts

If you have a baby shower coming and you are out of ideas for what gift to get this article is for you... It can be hard to choose a gift for a baby since there are so many options available. Especially if you have no kids of your own, you might not have a clue about what is appropriate and useful or not, so it is good to get information on the full spectrum of baby products that are suitable for a gift. Of course the choice will also depend on your budget and we will give you ideas having that in mind. Arrange a baby shower Expecting moms should all enjoy a baby shower and even if [...]

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