Here is another pregnancy symptom to get you all gloomy and gasping for breath. As if other symptoms are not enough to stress your often hormone battered system, constipation can be a a source of frustration during pregnancy. You will be happy to know however that the problem will ease after the birth of your baby and there are simple things you can do to ease the discomforts. Constipation and how it affects you Constipation occurs in about half of all pregnant mothers at some time or another during their pregnancy. The condition occurs when bowel movements become difficult or are infrequent and your body does not get rid of waste stool so easily. Constipation can be frustrating and [...]

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Early pregnancy symptoms

A woman who is pregnant will see certain things happening to her that are sure signs that pregnancy has taken place. However, along with these signs are symptoms that she may experience in her body that are often an accompaniment with pregnancy. These symptoms occur as a result of increased hormone levels at this time. Symptoms vary from one pregnant woman to another and not all women will experience them or at all. Nausea and Vomiting... A fairly common symptom of pregnancy is feeling sick in the stomach to the extent that vomiting takes place. This is referred to as morning sickness. Between 50% and 90% of women feel nauseous and wanting to vomit (morning sickness) in the first [...]