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Change Your Lifestyle before Trying to Conceive, Suggest Specialists

Parenthood is indeed a blessing that every couple wishes to be showered upon. Having that junior snuggling in the arms is bliss to experience for them. However, the major responsibility of ensuring the baby’s healthy life begins from the period when a woman tries to conceive, informs experts. It starts from that magical phase when willing-to-be parents plan for a child. According to experts, “Before a couple begins to try for a baby, it is vital to prepare both the mind and the body.” The reason being when a woman conceives, she and her partner pass their genes which create the blueprint for the child’s health in future along with the following next generations. Therefore, ensuring the DNA is [...]

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Conception tips

Thinking about getting pregnant? Ready to start a family? It may not be as easy as it sounds. Below are some helpful conception tips to ease your mind about conceiving. The peak time for fertility for women is in the early twenties, but in today’s fast-paced, career- driven society more women are waiting till later to start a family. The average age today is 30-34 with many women waiting to conceive until their forties. While it is true that having a baby before the age of 35 increases chances of a healthy, full-term pregnancy, women can in fact can have a child in well into their forties if they maintain good health and take proper measures to ensure a [...]