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Breast changes

From the very moment conception occurs, various changes start to take place in your body. One of the many areas you will experience changes is in your breasts. So when you see your breasts expanding, feeling sore or the nipples getting darker, don’t be surprised because these are natural symptoms of pregnancy. What causes breast changes to occur Even while fertilization of the egg is taking place, many women will experience a difference in their bodies. The hormone duos estrogen and progesterone start the process of preparing your body to support the developing baby. The hormones will increase blood flow to the breasts and you will experience a number of symptoms. Changes will take place right throughout your pregnancy [...]

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Earliest signs of pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy can vary in different women... Every woman is different. In line with this, a woman's experiences in pregnancy are also different. In fact, not every woman has the same symptoms or even the exact same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next. Most of the early signs of pregnancy are not often recognized as they are the same with what happens before and during menstruation. Thus, it is necessary to have a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy as the symptoms may be caused by other things besides becoming pregnant. Missed Period, Spotting and Cramping One of the earliest sign of pregnancy is a missed period. However, bloating, spotting, and cramping may also indicate a pregnancy. [...]