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Probiotics Lowers Risks of Unwanted Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy can have certain adverse outcomes which affect a mother’s health. During those nine months, many women suffer from complicacies that often results in miscarriage, pre-eclampsia or pre-term birth. However, a new research has suggested that probiotics in women can reduce these risks of pregnancy complications. One needs to take precautions so that such consequences don’t take place. Pre-eclampsia can occur during the 20th week of pregnancy. It causes high blood pressure and abundant protein formation in the urine. Severe eclampsia disrupts the placenta’s ability to intake oxygen and nutrients for the growing fetus eventually harming the baby’s development. This escalates the risk of suffering from chronic seizures which may harm an affected mother’s well-being. A mother’s diet influences [...]

42 weeks to go | How should pregnant women prepare for a new life within?

At the foremost, Congratulations! As you have just uttered ‘I am pregnant’, next, be ready for the most wondrous and miraculous experience of your life. Every day of the upcoming 42 weeks is going to give you a lot of new experiences, a few restrictions, many guidelines on ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’, etc. Well, all of these are extremely important for pregnant women to ensure a safe gestation and a healthy birth of a child. As you embark on this new journey, here’s a guide on what all you’ll come across till your baby is in your arms. Beginning with the 3 trimesters The entire phase of gestation is categorized into 3 parts – 1st: 12 weeks [...]

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