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Baby growth

Congratulations! You have reached a major milestone on the birth of your baby... Both you and your newborn are now ready to go another milestone. From the time your baby is born, you will be very keen on how he or she develops and will watch every move she makes for the next change.  However, you will be wonderfully surprised at how your baby grows during their first year. It will be an interesting journey of smiles, fun and surprises. Get ready and enjoy it. Tracking Baby’s Growth From your very first return well-visit after birth, your doctor will start to record and track your baby’s growth. He will measure the circumference of your baby’s head to determine the [...]

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Baby stages

It seems like just yesterday you brought your baby home from the hospital.. Now your baby is suddenly crawling and learning to talk. Where did the time go? Every baby develops at a different pace. Your baby may reach a milestone before others the same age, but may hit another milestone at a slower pace. There is no need to worry. Every baby is unique. There are general time frames in which your baby should reach certain milestones, however, and we will discuss some of these in the following article. One Month: lift head respond to sound able to see patterns in black and white can see approximately 8-12 inches away may smile Two months: vocalization: cooing and gurgling [...]