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Baby development week by week

You will be thrilled as you watch your baby grow... You had often watched other mothers and probably were struck by how fast their babies grow. Between those times when you did not see mothers and babies, a lot happened. Now that you have a baby of your own, you are in a better position to put all these development and changes into greater perspective. Baby at 1 to 12 Weeks This is probably the most important stage of her development when you give her the most attention and respond to her every call. At this early stage your baby is adjusting to the new changes to her world. You may be getting the feeling that it’s all feeding, [...]

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Babies development

Learning the Curves and Understanding Your Baby's Development during the First Year... For parents, their baby's physical and intellectual development is something that they can be proud of. In fact, watching your baby take his or her first step is a great achievement and a thing of beauty. Each achievement that your baby makes is considered a developmental milestone. Babies grow and develop in unique ways. Each child develops at their own pace. Not all babies follow the same developmental path and pace. For instance, some babies might learn to sit up weeks before his or her peers learn the same thing. However, the same baby might be the last one to learn how to walk. Due to these unique [...]

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