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Jennifer Metcalfe posts to embrace herself and others new mommy bodies

Jennifer Metcalfe celebrates her new mom body while encouraging several new mothers out there! After four weeks of giving birth to her son, she posted her perfect new-mommy body picture on Instagram with a really motivating saying. What was on her mind, certainly gave a boost to many mothers who don’t like their body post pregnancy. It’s a general trend that celebrities are posting their pre-delivery picture with a baby bump and breaking certain body stereotypes. But, 34 years old Jennifer Metcalfe has taken another step to break the concept of ‘perfect body’ type, post pregnancy. “I feel it is important that we see unfiltered bodies during pregnancy and after babies are born, and celebrate the new body! I [...]

‘Wonder Mothers’ breaking the glamour industry stereotype with beautiful baby-bump snaps!

To-be mothers are now hitting the news as Wonder mothers. The days of sitting idle and covering the baby bump are over. It is now the era of strong women and, even stronger mother to relish the 9 months of glory. The idea of ‘picture-perfect’ baby bump is now taking over people, and they love this modern concept. Talking of Wonder mothers, Gal Gadot did the reshoot of her movie while she was 5 months pregnant. Of course, it was hard to guess by seeing her stunning performances and effortless action scenes. “I did not want people to treat me differently on sets just because I was pregnant,” said Gal Gadot while she was expecting Maya (her second daughter). [...]

7 weeks pregnant

Can you believe that you are almost 2 months pregnant..? At 7 weeks pregnant your body is going through all kinds of changes as your baby is growing and developing. This article will discuss is happening to both you and your baby during your seventh week of pregnancy. Your baby at 7 weeks pregnant Your baby is about a quarter of an inch now and roughly the size of a blueberry. This may seem pretty small still, but in the grand scheme of things, your baby is 10,000 times bigger than it was when he/she was first conceived.  Your baby is starting to form eyelid folds which partially cover the eyes, which already have some color, though the actual [...]