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Probiotics Lowers Risks of Unwanted Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy can have certain adverse outcomes which affect a mother’s health. During those nine months, many women suffer from complicacies that often results in miscarriage, pre-eclampsia or pre-term birth. However, a new research has suggested that probiotics in women can reduce these risks of pregnancy complications. One needs to take precautions so that such consequences don’t take place. Pre-eclampsia can occur during the 20th week of pregnancy. It causes high blood pressure and abundant protein formation in the urine. Severe eclampsia disrupts the placenta’s ability to intake oxygen and nutrients for the growing fetus eventually harming the baby’s development. This escalates the risk of suffering from chronic seizures which may harm an affected mother’s well-being. A mother’s diet influences [...]

Serena Williams kept her longtime coach in the dark regarding her pregnancy

After winning the 23rd Glam Slam title at the Australia Open 2017, Serena Williams posted on her social media profile with the caption, ‘20 weeks!’ The greatest tennis player sparked frenzied speculations amongst her fans on social media, about her pregnancy. Williams finally revealed that she hid the fact deliberately before her Australian Open not only from fans but also from coach Patrick Mouratoglou. The player underwent around 6 examinations to confirm her pregnancy; all before winning the latest grand slam title. © GETTY IMAGES Patrick Mouratoglou (47) who has been Serena’s coach since 2012, appeared on Good Morning Britain. There he said he was extremely angry as Serena didn’t let him know what was actually going [...]

20 weeks pregnant

Changes you experience at 20 weeks pregnant... Now that you are in the midpoint of your pregnancy, the reality of the pregnancy is going to catch up with you. In fact, at 20 weeks pregnant you will begin to feel more real as you will actually feel your baby’s movements more and more and your baby bump will grow bigger by the day. You've got a lot going on at 20 weeks pregnant. You get to experience more intense pregnancy symptoms and your baby is definitely getting bigger. Moreover, there is still plenty of room for your baby to grow inside your uterus, which allows your baby to twist and turn and make you feel his or her movements. [...]