After winning the 23rd Glam Slam title at the Australia Open 2017, Serena Williams posted on her social media profile with the caption, ‘20 weeks!’ The greatest tennis player sparked frenzied speculations amongst her fans on social media, about her pregnancy.

Williams finally revealed that she hid the fact deliberately before her Australian Open not only from fans but also from coach Patrick Mouratoglou. The player underwent around 6 examinations to confirm her pregnancy; all before winning the latest grand slam title.

Patrick Mouratoglou


Patrick Mouratoglou (47) who has been Serena’s coach since 2012, appeared on Good Morning Britain. There he said he was extremely angry as Serena didn’t let him know what was actually going on.

“Not at all. I was completely unaware of her pregnancy when she played in January.” Patrick replied on being asked if he knew the fact. The longtime coach further added, “I think she didn’t expect it, so she was equally surprised to discover that she was expecting, just before a major play.”    

But still, the most marketable female athletes in the world, as Forbes stated, won the match. According to her coach, Serena probably decided to pretend she wasn’t pregnant and chose to keep everyone in the dark.

William got engaged in the autumn with her fiancé Alexis Ohanian and is now expecting their 1st child together. While she had always expressed her wish for a baby, people hardly thought it would come so early, as she chased the all-time record set by Margaret Court.

It was Kelly Bush Novak, Serena’s Los Angeles spokeswoman, who confirmed the news of her pregnancy.

Talking about her present condition after this disclosure, Patrick said, “Serena Williams has been keeping herself very active, during this phase. It might sound crazy, but she plays tennis every day.”

It was evidenced by a picture posted in social media showing Serena playing tennis while flaunting her baby bump. The latest is her full figure nude photograph featured on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Clearly, the athlete is preparing herself – both mentally and physically for a comeback in 2018 Women’s Tour. As Patrick said, “She extremely strong mentally.” Serena has won 2 Olympic gold medals and 10 grand slam titles under his coach’s guidance.

On asking him whether she will return to play after becoming a mother, Patrick expressed, it’s quite difficult to say as he is not a woman. “I can understand that for a woman, her life completely changes after having a baby. But Serena sounds determined about her return. It’s every time she talks about it.” 

Presently, she’s on her maternity break.