Of late, doctors and medical advisers all over the world have shown concern regarding pregnancy. As per National estimates, 15% to 20% of the pregnancy ends up in miscarriage. Among this, 40% of the miscarriage happens in the first trimester.

Nonetheless, this is quite a depressing rate and a lot of women who have faced this has mentioned in their statement to the doctor that they feel lonely. Considering this state, medical experts have worked on the symptoms of pregnancy.

“There are certain symptoms that all the to-be mothers should keep an eye on if they want to avoid miscarriage,” – said a gynecologist.

During pregnancy, a bit of swelling is natural, especially in hand. But if that is increasing and causing swollen feet or puffiness on the face, this can be a sign of hypertension. This symptom is common in 70% to 80% of pregnant women. The concern lies on the level of hypertension.

One of the doctors dealing with the research on this stated, “Preeclampsia is a condition that makes every to-be mom extremely nervous. This can be pretty harmful to the children as well as mothers too.

Another prevailing problem is depression. According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists researchers, “14% to 23% of women suffer from depression affecting their health during pregnancy.” This could very well be another cause for miscarriage.

From the 17 weeks pregnant onwards, there should be enough movement of the baby and mothers can usually feel it. But if they notice any sudden change or slowed movement, then there is a strong point of concern.

Dr. Cafferky said in an interview, “If the baby’s movement suddenly stops, it can be a sign of lack of oxygen. This happens more in the third trimester.”

For this condition, before visiting the doctor, advice was given to all would be mothers by Chang, who mentioned, “In such scenario when the baby is not moving, drink a glass of orange juice or ice water. It will bring a sudden change in temperature and help the baby to survive.”

This proved to be a really helpful piece of advice to several mothers as they have mentioned to the doctor, later during their check up.

Dr. Kaitlin Cafferky, CRNP, M.S.N., WHNP-BC, who has been working on this matter for a long time now also pointed out some other symptoms that can cause miscarriage. One among those is rapid weight gain.

“A normal 25 to 35 gain is okay, but anything in excess is never good. Too much fat can cause several complications.” It is best for women who are pregnant, to check on their diet and indulge in exercises.

Also, during pregnancy, the skin stretches and can be itchy. But too much itchiness can be a sign for Obstetric cholestasis which is a liver problem.

Vaginal bleeding is another problem which can incur harm to the child. “In such situations, consult an experienced doctor to point out the underlying cause,” said Dr. Kaitlin Cafferky.

Experts have advised all expecting women to visit the doctor at regular interval to maintain good health for both the mother and child.