Pregnancy can have certain adverse outcomes which affect a mother’s health. During those nine months, many women suffer from complicacies that often results in miscarriage, pre-eclampsia or pre-term birth. However, a new research has suggested that probiotics in women can reduce these risks of pregnancy complications.

One needs to take precautions so that such consequences don’t take place.

Pre-eclampsia can occur during the 20th week of pregnancy. It causes high blood pressure and abundant protein formation in the urine. Severe eclampsia disrupts the placenta’s ability to intake oxygen and nutrients for the growing fetus eventually harming the baby’s development. This escalates the risk of suffering from chronic seizures which may harm an affected mother’s well-being.

A mother’s diet influences her pregnancy. Since most pregnant women become victims of such complexities, it is imperative to find a way out. Probiotics can be a probable answer to every mother-to-be’s risk avoiding situation.

Dr. Reid of the Canadian Research Centre and Development said “Probiotics are friendly bacteria that have the capability to reduce adverse risks during pregnancy to a certain extent”.

Probiotic supplements restore the natural balance of bacteria in the belly. They are live yeast or bacteria also added to yoghurt quite often.

The recent study conducted by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Child Care Services suggested that women should take probiotic milk because it significantly reduces the risk of having a pre-term delivery.

Again, Mahsa Nordqvist, the MD of Sahlgresnka University Hospital in Sweden said “When a woman intakes probiotics, then it has the potential to normalize the bacterial flora in the lower genital tract area”.

However, here the question arises if consuming probiotic supplementation is fully safe. Dr. Patrick O’Brien who is the spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) answers this question by stating that –

Recent studies on a huge scale of pregnant women suggest ingestion of probiotics to be healthy association but we are yet to arrive at a penultimate conclusion”.  

Eating nutritious food via a proper balanced diet is of great importance that all women should adhere to. Probiotics delivers promising outcomes.

A whopping 27% lowering of risk during late pregnancy and an 11% risk decrease can be observed during early stages of pregnancy, thanks to probiotics.

Probiotic-rich beverages tend to play a major role during this crucial period. If women consume daily an average of 1.5 cups of probiotic milk, the threat of inflammation in the body decreases considerably.

Dr. Susanne Bathgate, specialist at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences stated, “Studies are still going on as to which strains of the bacteria have inflammation lowering tendencies and which reduce eclampsia”. 

Probiotics are mainly used during the third trimester. They have the strength of minimizing pregnancy risks that may shatter any woman’s dream to become a mother. The process of having a perfectly healthy child becomes complete when the mum also stays fit and happy.