While pregnancy cautiousness often makes women to be over selective about their gestation diet, studies have shown that being choosy on foods causes new-borns to be fussy eaters or neophobic. While this comes as a complete paradox of healthy eating habits, doctors have laid emphasis on the amniotic fluid development procedure.

The amniotic fluid is a translucent, yellowish solution that covers an unborn baby and resides preliminarily in the amniotic sack. Doctors said, this complex liquid is responsible for providing the first senses of taste and smell to the foetus and its constituents decide a new-born’s feeding affinities.

On seeking insight from a renowned medical practitioner, she was heard saying, “15 to 16 weeks post conception, a foetus starts feeding on the amniotic fluid. This initiates gradual flavour selectiveness and is pronounced by the end of the second trimester.”

Concrete evidence of these conclusions, however, were received post a comprehensive test. While one group of pregnant ladies were given 300ml of carrot juice to drink during the last trimester, another bunch was provided with non-veg soups.

One year post this test, results revealed children of the second group having predominant non-veg consumption tendencies while new-borns from the first bunch showed invariably opposite results.

Further explanations revealed neophobia as the root cause of this development. As per doctors, it is any foetus’s or new-born’s tendency to reject new flavours or smell. It also explained a child’s affinity towards junk food.

Human beings are inherently addicted towards sweeter essences. Junk food being rich in energy and poor in nutrients contains sweeteners which transpire from a mother’s tongue to the baby’s amniotic fluid. This, in turn, causes the affinity and is quite a prevalent post 21 weeks of pregnancy.

In the words of a famed gynaecologist, “Our extensive research on gestation carriers have revealed that foetuses tend to feed more on the amniotic fluid when it contains sweetening elements than those having bitter or a spicier congruent.”

Thus, doctors emphasis on the consumption of a balanced diet involving equal servings of animal proteins (non-veg), nutrients, fats as well as vegetables. According to them, it’s all about balancing the amniotic fluid constituents and thus, progressing towards a healthier feeding habit amongst new-borns.