Extracting statistical data from a recent survey conducted by Stephen Z. Levine, Department of Community Mental Health, University of Haifa, Israel, – multivitamins and folic acid intake by mothers during pregnancy has shown positive effects on children by reducing chances of autism.

Though this research is at a very nascent stage, however, Dr Levine stated that, “A disorder like autism is heterogeneous and certain environmental factors are also associated with it. Hence, before finalizing certain details, further research is required.”

The report that has been prepared is based on data collected on 26th January, 2015 – which gives a detailed accounting of 45,300 children who were tested between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2007. This data was prepared by scientists who had observed intake of multivitamins and folic acid products by would-be-mothers before and during pregnancy.

Results further revealed that 73% mothers had reduced chances of their kids having autism, and this data was published on January 3 in JAMA Psychiatry. As of now, the authors of this study stated, “There are several limits to this interpretation and further experimentation is required on this.”

The Meuhedet Prescription Register provides information about the various drugs that have been sold to pregnant women across Israel. Since, food in Israel is not fortified with folic acid, therefore doctors can get details of B9 and multivitamins – A,B,C and D that have been provided to would-be-mothers. This shows those women have 61% less chances of getting autistic kids.

As per Tom Frazier, chief science officer for Autism Speaks which supports people with autism, multivitamins are always a must for pregnant women. Also, folic acid helps in strengthening of spinal cord, additionally helping in meeting the nutritional gap in women. Thus, on the whole, this study clearly shows that both these components are a must for pregnant women, as studies regarding autism in kids are underway. There is a risk of reduction and this must be taken into account.

For the uninitiated, folic acid has a huge role to play in development of neural system in fetus. Also, multivitamins, help in consistent development of the child within the mother.

Hence, it can be clearly stated that to a great extent, these additional nutrients are a necessity for the mother.