Choosing a male baby name can be a really stressing and difficult decision…

Pregnancy can be the most exciting time of your life. You might have your preference for a baby boy or girl already set but that will not mean anything, gender is like a game of dice and you cannot do anything to determine it beforehand. So keep optimistic and do not create a fixed idea so you will not be disappointed. Either way, you will have a beautiful baby to love and cherish all your life, no matter what gender he is.

If you know the baby´s gender

If you decide to know the gender of the baby during the second trimester ultrasound you will surely be very excited to start planning everything accordingly. If you are having a boy, you can start thinking about the cute clothes, the nursery decorations and most importantly the name you will choose for him. You can opt for not knowing the gender on the ultrasound and to choose the name after birth too.

The choice of the name is one of the most important ones during pregnancy since he will have to live with it all his life. You can choose the name in advance if you know the gender of the baby. There are many things to consider when you make this important choice. You have to check how it sounds together with your middle and last name and if there are any negative associations to the name itself. Or you can opt to choose the name of a family member to honor them, such as a grandfather or the father of the baby. Anyway it is important that you and your partner agree on this point.

Boys baby namesIt can be a really stressing and difficult decision but you can choose to many factors not too. You can choose a name that is popular at the time since some of your child’s friends will have the same name and he will not feel lonely on this.

On the other hand, you can also choose to avoid this popular names altogether to avoid your child the effects of it’s over popularity. He can have a lot of friends with the same names and that will be tricky during classes and in the professional world. It will generate questions like “which Aiden are you talking about?” that will make it necessary to use his other names or a quality to identify him. The best way to avoid this is to check the internet for the lists of the most popular names.

The most popular male baby names

The fifty most popular names for boys in 2015/16 in the United States is presented in this list :

Aiden Jackson Lucas Liam Caden  Ethan Noah  Logan Mason Jacob
 Christian  Benjamin  Alexander  Luke  Jack  Jayden  Elijah James  Michael  Jayce
William  Ryan Carter  Connor  Daniel Matthew Oliver  Caleb  Henry Gabriel
 Dylan Grayson Owen  Nathan Wyatt Landon  Andrew Cameron Isaac Nicholas
 Samuel Brayden Dominic  Eli Joshua David Gavin Sebastian Hunter Evan

There are a lot more possibilities and, whether you want it or not, family and friends will also give suggestions. Just remember that the choice is ultimately of both parents and no one else. Naming a child is purely a matter of personal taste since, for example, there are people who like longer names and others that prefer shorter ones.

How the name sounds

You can start by considering how the name sounds, and how it goes together with the last name. Be careful with the initials that can cause embarrassing situations. You should avoid choosing rhyming names or puns since your child can feel inadequate when presenting himself to others in adulthood. Of course this always depends on his individual personality but can make him embarrassed and you should avoid it.

If you want your child to stand out, you can choose a unique name, but you have to consider that if it is extremely unusual your son can get unwanted attention. It is also important that it is not too hard to pronounce since it can create difficulties.

You can choose the name by its meaning also and there are a lot of internet resources and lists that can help you with that. This can make things easier if you do not have an idea for the name. It is also good to remember that your son will not be a baby forever; his name should be suitable for adulthood.

It helps if you try to imagine how the name would sound in a professional situation. You can also take advantage of middle names to give your son a second choice or to include your family member´s wishes.

There are some pitfalls that you should look for when choosing a name. The name can give origin to weird or embarrassing nicknames, especially when combined with your last name. For example Charles Puck will certainly lead to his friends calling him Chuck Puck, which can accompany him for his whole life.

Consider all the possibilities

You just should consider all the possibilities so you don’t be surprised and regret your decision when it is already too late. If you have other sons or daughters you have to remember that you will be saying their names together a lot so you should check if it will generate awkward combinations. The easiest way to avoid these inconveniences is to make a list and run it through the internet to find out if it has any negative associations.

All and all when it comes to the choice of your baby’s name you should go with what you prefer. No name you can choose will be able to avoid nicknames or associations with negative things. You never know how the next serial killer will be called or what will be the next most popular name.

You and your partner have both to decide

You have to go with what you and your partner like and not to worry about every possibility it might bring. If you cannot choose the name you can either delegate this decision to your partner or ask help to a friend or a family member.

If you and your partner cannot agree you should compromise and be flexible to avoid resentments later on. You should discuss calmly to reach an agreement, hearing your partner points and making him understand yours in return. You cannot take it personally if your partner does not like the name you had in mind for a long time, it is a matter of individual preference.

You can find common ground and decide on a different name that you both like or opt to keep one of your favorites as a middle name.