The media has been in uproar since Khloe Kardashian spoke about her upcoming baby on 15th January. The popular T.V show Keeping up with the Kardashians showed a glimpse of this heart touching news when an emotional Khloe said: “I am pregnant.”

Holding up her positive test result, Khloe glowed with warmth as she first told her assistant Alexa Royle. Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s partner, heard from her over FaceTime and was overwhelmed with the news. “I asked her if she was kidding?” Thompson said.

Khloe and Thompson waited for the big barbeque party that the Kardashians were going to have later on. Both their families were present at the party when the soon to become parents stood up in front of them, a little anxious and excited.

We’re having a baby!” shouted the couple, their face radiant with joy. The family members erupted with joy as Kris Jenner walked over to Khloe hugging her, saying “I never thought this one to have a child! I want you to be happy.

Kylie and Kendell Jenner who were not present at the barbeque got to know about this exciting news over FaceTime and were both overjoyed with love as they told Khloe how she has made them emotional with this news.

Literally in heaven, the soon-to-be-mom is taking extreme care of her baby as she wants the little bundle of joy to be perfect and healthy. Pictures of Khloe and Thompson’s baby diaries are flooded on social media pages, presently creating whole new paparazzi. Also, the baby bump photo shoot is going on well as the Kardashians want each and every moment of Khloe’s ‘babymoon’ to be chronicled.

An almost tearful Khloe spoke in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon stating how she would like to thank everyone for their blessings and positive messages she has been getting ever since the news.

Twitterati got thrilled when a fan asked her about the gender of the baby and Khloe said she would reveal soon enough. Khloe is still working on her health and she would like to keep certain aspects of her life private yet, said her family.

Such news enlivened the whole media as Khloe and Thompson wanted nothing but to share this immensely joyous news with the whole world.