As Jessie James Decker put her baby bump picture on Instagram, 12th October, there was an instant shower of congratulations and good wishes on her 3rd baby. The proud mother of two is all enthusiasts to welcome another member to the Decker family.

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Jessie James Decker Courtesy Jessie James Decker/Instagram

She posted this picture on her tour in NYC, where she is seen wearing a well fitted long sleeve burgundy dress.

This is not the first post on her third pregnancy as previously she uploaded a sweet video on Instagram announcing about her baby on 9th October, Monday. In the video, Eric Decker and Jessie were heard telling their daughter Vivi how Jesus answered their prayers putting a baby in mommy’s belly!

She wrote in her post, “Eric & I are really excited to share this news with you all, that we are expecting our baby Decker number 3!”

This post itself speaks a lot about the excitement the third time would-be parents are sharing. It is overwhelming to see the Italian beauty of Shoot out the Lights taking her motherhood so thrillingly!

The other two children, Eric Jr. and Vivianne Rose are extremely adorable; and fans cannot wait to see who joins the gang, a girl or a boy!

Pregnancy got me like….even worse? I took what I didn’t eat to the hotel with me for snacks later 😩

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Moreover, Jessie like any other pregnant women, is sharing about her food cravings with the world and telling how much she is digging into the food. She digged on a slice of Pizza and then again, a chocolate cake during the NYC trip. She also posted a mouth-watering picture of the cake and further wrote, “Pregnancy got me like even worse! I took with me, the leftover to the hotel for snacks later!”

Long back, the proud mother of Vivi admitted that she is looking forward to baby number 3! She confessed saying, “I don’t want to say that the door for baby number 3 is closed. We love our babies so much! They are extremely adorable, and I cannot imagine not having another one!”

To add on, the ‘I do’ singer also said that “I have picked up a good man for having babies!

After 2014, 2015; 2018 is also going to be a really exciting year for this blessed couple.

They took their vows in 2103 and seem to be going strong till now. Congratulations to this amazing family!