Making the “Mother/Daughter Experiment” a huge hit, now Heidi Montag is on her way to gain the same success with her child. She is pregnant and all so excited about it! She is very active in social media and is simply overwhelmed to think about the new addition due in October.

Unlike a typical conscious celeb, she is enjoying her mommy-weight and by all means, is sharing the word to the world.

I have already put on 25lbs, and it is no big deal, right? Just three months more to go and I will be like 4lbs every month. Can’t wait for it!” – Heidi Montag.

This is quite an inspiration for several women out there who are worried about putting on weight and hiding them under layers of clothes. But in last 2 to 3 years, all the celebrity moms have taken an extra step to put back the confidence in women while pregnant and help them to embrace their body.

Experts say, “An average weight woman will gain is around 25 to 35 lbs. during her pregnancy. Whereas, a woman who is underweight will gain something around 40 to 45 lbs…

Previously when Heidi and Spencer Pratt went for their regular ultrasound, they got to know that they are going to have a baby boy! The family of two cannot hide their excitement to have their happiness growing inside Heidi.

She is very particular about her health and keeps her fans updated with all the needful information. Her post on her way to having a glucose test was really adorable.

Heidi, in her 5 months of pregnancy is still very active. She goes out for a walk with her dogs, and it is really inspiring for other women. And as far as being a mom, Heidi has already decided on what kind of a mom she will be. “A very loving and strict mom too” – said Heidi in an interview.

So happy to be home! #6monthspregnant

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It is clear that she is giving a very positive dose of message to everyone around – Just Go With It!