The good news is out for all the women who are planning to be mothers. Recently, medical experts from around the world have put their research work which deduces the assured tips for successful pregnancy. The research on the same got initiated because in the past few years; the rate of failed pregnancy attempts was rising.

Even though women have 500 eggs for ovulation from the ages between 12 and 52, not all are fit or reproducing. Only a fraction of eggs are viable to get pregnant”, said Director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, Dr. Alan Copperman.

This means with every missed or failed pregnancy, the chances are reducing day by day. The very fertile period in a woman’s life is from 18 years to 24 years; after that, the chances start to lessen. Dr. Copperman has more on this to comment –

Par the age of 30 years, there is 86% of chances for a woman to get pregnant after trying for a whole year at least. Also, the chances of miscarriage after conceiving hike up by 30% more.”

However, now, the medical experts have revealed the full-proof tips to help women get pregnant faster. Dr. Christopher William, M.D., a regenerative endocrinologist in Charlottesville said that the natural way to get pregnant faster starts with preparing the body; especially for those who were on contraceptive pills. Firstly, it is important to stop that. Once two to three cycles are over, the body will almost be ready to get pregnant.

He further added, “Women make a major mistake by not knowing their exact ovulating days. If they don’t know that, it will be difficult for them to conceive.”

Presently, the doctors use Ovulation Predictor Packs (OPKs) and Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting for a precise calculation of ovulating days.

Dr. Christopher William also gave out tips on having sex and positions to maintain after having sex. It is important to have sex right before ovulating and while ovulating. More precisely, after 10 days of the menstrual cycle gets over; one must start to have sex. Woman after sex must lie down straight on her back as it makes a sloping angle for the sperm to flow to the eggs.

Also, Dr. William suggested avoiding lubricants as that can hinder in pregnancy. “Lubes don’t give a leg to sperms; rather it changes the pH balance of vagina which is not good for sperms.”

In the list of don’ts, medical experts have also included excessive caffeine, sugar, alcohol, smoking and any form of synthetic drugs.

Dr. Darshana Pawar from Central India Fertility Center and Well Women Clinic is doing an advanced research on this matter. This clinic has one of the most updated gears in fertility section and latest treatment techs in promoting faster pregnancy.

With time, the medical experts have assured to come up with more validated tips and techniques to aid the dream of being a Mommy quickly.