Flying during pregnancy is not a ‘No’ anymore. “Rather, going for a Babymoon is good for the to-be mother to have some relaxing time and prepare for the forthcoming days of sleepless nights”, comments a medical expert.

Earlier, flying during pregnancy was a strict no owing to the several concerns that used to arise in mind. However, if one takes proper care while travelling, there are hardly any chances of mishap.

Doctors suggest that travelling during the second trimester is the safest and the best. By that time, the chances of miscarriage and the uncanny morning sickness reduces a lot. However, they also suggest a natal massage after reaching the destination as that will keep their blood circulation perfect.

In several research works, doctors have pointed that constant sitting in the same position can reduce of blood circulation in the lower portion of the body. They suggest pregnant women to get an aisle seat which makes it a bit more convenient to get up and lightly stretch.

The body during pregnancy can get into the fatigue mode very easily. For this, pregnant women should not travel for more than 5 to 6 hours at a stretch.”

If travelling during the third trimester, then some of the airlines have extra guidelines to follow. The would-be mother needs to carry a health certification from her doctor or midwife. It is also advised to carry their pregnancy record and reports while flying.

However, it is better and safer to avoid flying after the 34th week of pregnancy.

Apart from airplane, doctors even point out some guidelines when travelling in cars and buses. Travelling in buses can be quite tricky as the passage is very narrow. Compared to that, it is suggested to travel in train. Otherwise, travelling in a car is the best option.

When travelling for longer distance, doctors suggest carrying some favorite snacks of the to-be-mommy. “Food cravings can be bad during pregnancy; it is best to give them enough munchies to keep their mood swings at bay.”

Now, pregnant women can enjoy their Babymoon and fly to their favorite destination without any worry.