As you are reading this, presumably you are having the best experience of lifetime! After all, you are nurturing a life inside that precious womb, and your inner goddess deserves a pat of appreciation. So, if you are to balance between two feelings on a weighing scale, which one is more? – a. Excitement and happiness, b. Concern about fetal development. For both these cases, there is one solution – having a thorough idea of these nine spectacular months.

A to-be-mother must have an idea about these months of fetal development. This helps in keeping a close eye on her growing baby. With this in mind, here are ‘to know’ details below.

Fetal development – 9 months of joy – read about the development of your baby…

Month 1 –

1 month pregnantIn the first month of gestation, 40% of to-be mothers don’t even know that they are expecting. But the fetus already starts developing inside. This month started with the sperm meeting an egg and fertilizing it. That fertilized egg starts dividing very fast into numerous cells and passes through fallopian tube. Afterwards, it attaches to the uterus wall. Even the placenta starts growing at this time.

Placenta is the way through which fetus will receive nourishment from mother.

At the end of first month or in 4 weeks, the basic shape of fetus develops along with the organs. This time, if a mother opts for a pregnancy test, it will show positive.

Month 2 –

2 months pregnantYou have reached the second stage of fetal development successfully. It is now ready to be known as a fetus. The heart, limbs, legs, head, and other major portions of the body will develop during this stage. More interestingly, by 6th week, mothers can hear the heartbeat of their creation developing it in their womb.

This is the time when moms will go for their first ultrasound. The toes and fingers will start being visible. Slowly, the brain will also start to develop and even determining the sex is possible. By end of 8 weeks, the fetus will weigh around 2 grams and 3/ 4 in length.

Month 3 –

3 months pregnantThe sex organ of your baby will start becoming clear. By 9th or 10th week, mothers can feel their fetus moving. Though the movement will be light, it can be felt at the upper portion of pubic bone. Now, the fetus is 3-4 inches long and will weigh around 25 to 28 grams on an average.

The interesting part is, facial features will be clear. You can see your child’s face in the next ultrasound. So, wish you a happy 12th week of fetal development.

Month 4 –

4 months pregnantDid your closed ones also feel the baby moving? The fetus is all active now. Also, the hair and gum are developing strong. Your baby can blink now, and the heartbeat is absolutely clear. Also, it is time that you might start gaining a bit of pregnancy weight. By the end of 16 weeks, the developing baby will be around 4 to 5 inches and 90 – 100 grams.

Also, fingerprints develop at this stage!

Month 5 –

5 months pregnantEntering the 20th week. Your uterus is now almost at the level of your belly button, and that adorable baby bump is visible. This is the time your baby is developing all the cute little habits – sucking thumb, yawning and stretching. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of night with a sudden movement which is also known as ‘quickening.’

During this phase, the skin of your baby will develop a protective layer called vernix. Fetal development reaches a size of 7 to 8 inches in length; also he/ she has got ears. So, speak well, your child can hear everything!

Month 6 –

6 months pregnantTime for an ultrasound. Doctors will check if the placenta is healthy and the fetus is getting enough nourishment or not. By this time, sex will also be clear, and you can know what you are going to welcome home – a boy or a girl. The heartbeat is clear, and immune system also starts to develop. Hands of the fetus are having reflex of gripping and loosening it.

The weight of the baby is somewhere between 600 grams and 800 grams. This is a crucial time as the fetus starts developing lungs and alveoli. Preparing to breathe fine!

Month 7 –

7 months pregnantFetal development is steady. The baby is developing body mass, fat with a fully grown bone structure. The great thing is, fetus can change position by now, have hiccups and others can notice the movement of your child. The baby is now around 11 inches long and weighs around 1 kg to 1 and a half kg. This means, even the mother will put on quite some weight. Also, during this time, having nutritional food is very important; otherwise the growth of your baby can slow down.

#Tip: It is time you join for the birth classes. After 28 weeks, you can never be sure when your baby will be knocking at your uterus to come out!

Month 8 –

8 months pregnantYour baby is quite developed now and moving very frequently. During this time, the fetus is in REM phase which means, he or she will sleep for a long period. Now, to-be mothers should visit their doctor every two weeks and prepare to welcome the child. There is quite a lot of fat development underneath the skin, which means the wrinkles will be less visible. By this time, the baby is around 13 inches long and weighs around 2 kg.

Month 9 –

9 months pregnantAlmost there! Now your baby is all ready to set foot on your arms. By this time, the face and head will be down and will be around 21 inches long. The perfect weight should be around 2 and a half kg or a bit more. This is the time when baby rests for most of the day but every time your fetus moves, you can feel it well.

Now, within 36th week to 42nd week, the fetal development will complete, and your child can be born anytime. After nine months of gestation, rest of the time is an extended period in calendar. This can happen at any point in time. So, prepare for your due date and enjoy this beautiful journey of motherhood.