Losing weight seems to be everyone’s top priority nowadays. While there may seem to be many quick ways to do so, but in reality some of these can be harmful. Fad diets like, Ketogenic diets, juice cleanses or eating vegan foods only poses a threat to all those women who want to become pregnant in the near future.

A woman’s choice of fad diets can be so risky that chances of low fertility affects her body. Such diets are adverse to your health creating unhealthy lifestyles that impact one’s fertility. Chantelle Houghton who rose to fame on Celebrity Big Brother revealed, “I have been diagnosed as infertile due to my extreme dieting tendencies.”

Crash dieting ruins chances of having a baby naturally.  “Yes, I did become slim but I destroyed my chances of having a family permanently,” Chantelle continued.

Bulimia or anorexia is common symptoms that many women suffer from due to their over dieting habits. Fad diets starve the body of vital nutrients and enable an unhealthy amount of body-weight loss that harms a person’s pregnancy chances. On the other hand, having juice cleanses are a form of dieting where people consume liquid mixes of veggies and fruits with the goal of detoxification.

Women want to revitalize themselves without being aware of the fact that such fad diets alter the metabolism rate and causes BMI to rise up at an alarming rate resulting as a setback towards getting pregnant.

Experts say that switching towards raw vegan diets means missing out key nutrients such as iron, folate and Vitamin B. in addition, women suffer from poor egg health that decreases chance of conceiving. The meal replaced with shakes diet is another negative form of dieting. Meal replacement shakes contain high level of sugar which affects chances of being pregnant.

One of the most popular fad diets amongst women is the Ketogenic diet. It is basically eating ‘good’ fat that stalls hunger by cutting out carbs. Also, it includes in taking moderate amounts of protein which supposedly help to boost energy levels and speeding up weight loss. Dr. Mecklon said, “keto diet is harmful for patients’ undergoing IVF treatment. They should eat right types of food and not compromise on their health.” 

One of the most detrimental fad diets is dietary pill intake. These over-stimulate your body so that you rapidly lose weight. Moreover, they hinder your fertility rate to a considerable extent. Losing weight becomes a hazard for many women. Complexities arises lowering possible pregnancy chances.

“Eat to nourish your body,” said Dr. Alexander Sowa, M.D of internal medicine. A host of dietary issues distorts a woman’s need to be a mother.